November 4, 1995, PORTAGE, INDIANA

Call to order: (50% required)
Meeting called to order at 9:04 a.m. CST. 28 voting units, quorum present. Units not represented:
Active: 42nd Reg't of Foot Grenadier Co'y (Royal Highland Reg't), Culpeper Minute Battalion, Musketier Reg't Prinz Karl Leibkompanie.
probation:, 2nd Maryland Reg't, 3rd Connecticut Reg't Webb's Co'y Band of Musick, 4th Bat'n Royal Art'y 3rd Co'y Niagara Detachment, 7th Pennsylvania Reg't, Cont'l Marines Niklaus Bat'n Dean's Co'y, Holder's Co'y Boonesborough Militia, McCarty's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Deux Pont Reg't 104 Brig'd Bourbonnais, Ste. Anne's Militia Charleville's Co'y.
Recruiting: Loyal Irish Volunteers.
Applicant: Kellar's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Rose.

Election results: Harold Dobberpuhl.
Gary Ambrus is continuing commander. Gary Ambrus received 104 votes, Dave Taylor received 49 votes, Scattered votes 8, Ineligible votes 26 (more to report later).
Time limit on discussions: Limited to 15 minutes. Passed.
Summer Board Meeting, July 30, 1995 at Cantigny. Passed as recorded.
Changes in unit status:
Tabled evaluation of 4th Cont'l Light Dragoons till March board meeting.

Staff/committee Reports

(No motions required to accept reports)
Adjutant: Harold Dobberpuhl.
As of November 1, there were 558 listed memberships. This consisted of 546 regular memberships (263 family and 283 single) and 12 Lady and Gentlemen Volunteers. In addition, there were 7 Courier subscriptions paid. For comparison, following are prior membership reports: Nov. 1994 - 709 regular (378 family and 331 single), Mar. 1995 - 412 regular (197 family and 215 single), July 1995 - 531 regular (260 family and 271 single).
The conclusion from the above is rather obvious. "LIV Status" is an agenda item because of this. As a matter of information, the LIV currently only has 1 family member and 2 single members.
Attendance records (Event Rosters) are not always turned-in, but based on those received, following is the 1995 attendance data, along with a comparison for the 1994:

1995 1994
Military Total* Military Total*
Dayton 39 71
Vincennes 190 416 211 445
Berrien Springs 63 126
Kenosha 82 160 ¯
S. Milwaukee 123 273 135 310
Indianapolis 87 186 ¯
Cantigny 159 377 316 732
Findlay 79 150 ¯
Taylor 39 85
St. Charles ¯ 112 250
Monroe 26 68 54 100
Fredonia 111 276 109 265
Marion ¯ 45 92
Danville 60 120 ¯
Bowens Mills 38 73 24 44
Feast 101 231 92 241
Warsaw 87 171 50 116
*The total number includes Non-Military, LIV, & Guests.

As a further matter of information, the 2nd Maryland Reg't only has 1 single member, the 4th Bat'n Royal Art'y and the 7th Pennsylvania Reg't had no members in 1994 and at this time have no members in 1995. A continuation of this situation will require Board action at the March meeting. The Cont'l Marines Co'y apparently has become inactive and this may require some action today.

Paymaster: Joan Dobberpuhl.
As of October 31, 1995 we have the following funds:
Checking $5,483.85
Money Market $3,689.50
CD $5,130.85
(per board action 3/3/95, earmarked for 1999 Grand Encampment)
McCormick Grant $4,095.17

For the 1994¯1995 fiscal year:
Budget $23,400.00
Actual $12,067.21

Budget $23,400.00
Actual $13,231.44

Profit: $1,164.23

Carry-over to 1995¯1996
fiscal year: $14,237.27

When submitting expenses for reimbursement, I must have an original bill with an explanation for the charges. I cannot and will not pay for something, even if there is money in a stipend, unless I have a bill. In order for us to maintain a high credit rating with venders, please submit bills immediately. If a vender is willing, you may have the vender bill the NWTA directly, send the bill to me and I will remit to the vender. That way individuals do not have any out of pocket expenses. If there is any question whether there is enough money in the stipend, check the Courier for the published financial report or call me.
If you do receive a check from me, I request that you cash it promptly. This is especially true for payouts for the Feast participation. It helps my bookkeeping to clear checks expeditiously.
Any request for Medals of Merit must come through me. If you have any old forms with the name of Andy Dobbins change it to mine.
Paymasters report accepted pending audit.

Scribe: Brian VandePolder.
The Last Post Book is still in desperate need of pictures and information. Brian will continue to maintain this book, send all biographical information and photos to him as promptly as possible. At present the book has only nine biographies
out of 29.
Next Spring Board Meeting set for Saturday March 9, 1996 and Fall Board Meeting set for Sat. November 2, 1996.

Provost Marshall: Alan Potyen.
Sees very few safety problems, wants everyone to continue the good work.

Artillery Safety: Wayne Pribble.
Motion by Al McKechnie. All guns that do not pass the Artillery Safety Officer's approval (concerning the documentation and safety) should be kept off the field, and the guns that have been approved should continue being used.
Vote (show of hands) 13 yea, 10 nay. Motion passed.
Guns that may be fielded are: Hamilton's 3 pound mortar. Much discussion ensued.

Inspector General: Gary Arden.
The 2nd Pennsylvania Reg't has requested 2 commissioned officers, a Captain and 2nd Lieutenant . Since they have the required number of soldiers to warrant the officers, a motion was made and passed to permit the new officers.
The 71st Reg't of Foot, Major's Co'y, wishes to change their name to 71st Reg't of Foot, Light Infantry. Name change motion was passed.
The 1996 Inspection Rotation: 2nd Maryland, 3rd New York, 4th Cont'l Dragoons, 4th Royal Artillery, 6th Virginia, 7th Pennsylvania, 10th Virginia, 71st Foot Lt. Infantry, Proctor's Artillery, Bowman's Co'y.
The IG department will decide upon an advisory council of five members by March Board Meeting.

Corporate Agent: Bill Potter.
No report.

Recruiting Officer: Tony Burke.

Music Master: Bill Burke.
After working for four years in the office of Music Master, and attempting to build it to a point that the musicians hopefully will be proud of their status as musicians, and wish to continue in that position, I here by retire from the office and hand it over to Terry Wellman, who along with others have done much to enhance the quality of the music for the past few years.
Dave Taylor then presented Terry with a check, for the music that was provided at the Warsaw event.

Pattern Master: Bill Burke.
The patterns that we have proved to be too expensive to reproduce, therefore it is recommended that patterns be purchased from the BAR pattern collection. Bill will publish, in the Courier, the address of where to write for patterns, as well as listing some new bodice patterns that have been recently documented. He wishes to encourage any one buying a pattern to request the documentation from the sutler selling it.

Publicity: Mark Tully
(not present-written report).
The NWTA Membership Directory and Book List is completed, but some errors have been noticed. Please look over your directory and forward any errors or omissions to Harold Dobberpuhl and/or myself, so we can get it up to date. We will publish any major errors or omissions in an upcoming issue of the Courier.
The Field Guide is also complete. It was later than anticipated due to new unit and some omissions from the previous edition. There were several units who did not respond to repeated requests for updates and corrections, and I hold no responsibility for errors in the descriptions of these units. The Field Guide is being printed digitally and will run copies in lots of 1,000. Host units for the 1996 season should contact me as soon as possible so that these print runs can be scheduled in time for the events. The NWTA's cost per Field Guide is $1.00 each. Only $5,000 is available through the McCormick grant (5,000 copies). So please try to collect at LEAST $1.00 per copy and forward it to the NWTA Paymaster so we can continue to update and publish the Field Guide in the future. I would suggest charging $2.00 per copy to ensure future funds for this project.
I would like to increase the publicity budget to at LEAST $1,000. With this extra capital I will continue to provide the Sponsor and Host Guide, plus a black and white and/or color "action" photos for use in newspapers, TV announcements, posters, etc. Also provide stock art (copyright-free illustrations) as well as create new graphics and illustrations for sponsors and host units. I also will provide Music "beds" (:15, :30, and :60 second stereo music tracks on tape) for use as background in radio and TV ads, plus video footage for use in TV advertising. With better publicity and advertising we can capitalize on the trend to boost public attendance at events, and hopefully membership in the NWTA.
No action was taken to increase the publicity budget at this time.

Publication Editor: Bill Bergstrom.
The Nov.¯Dec. Courier will go to press next week. We have enough in the current budget to cover this paper, where usually this issue is taken out of the next years budget. All extra money will be turned over to the new Courier Editor.
Mark Tully was elected to the post of new Courier Editor.
Motion by Judy Wicker. The primary objective of The Courier should be to appraise the membership of upcoming events and NWTA business in a timely manner. Motion passed.
Motion by Judy Wicker. That the bulk mailings of the Courier should be mailed no later than one month prior to the earliest event notice in that issue. Motion failed. (Deadlines are already published clearly in each Courier issue. And it isn't the editors responsibility to insure event information is available by the deadlines.)

Judge Advocate General: Jo Ann Kolbe.
No report

Insurance Officer: Linnea Bass.
At the present the insurance that we have doesn't cover children's games, I'm looking into other sources.
Motion by Linnea Bass to spend $100. per event for insurance, plus $20. extra, when needed, to extend coverage to include children's games. Motion passed.
The insurance coverage that has been signed for the coming year includes a rope line at events. Therefore for the insurance to be in affect we must have the rope line. Motion was made by Dave Taylor to scratch the rope line discussion from the agenda. Motion passed.

Librarian: Linnea Bass.
No report.
Committee appointed to study how the library can be more effectively used by it's membership. Committee members are: Linnea Bass, Terry Wellman, Steve Ball, and Judy Wicker. To be reported on at the March board meeting.

Quartermaster General: Al McKechnie.
Al wishes to continue with his present staff, with the addition of Glenn Zolman.
Motion by Al McKechnie that no fee should be assessed to Baldwin's Unit in order to attend an NWTA event. Excluding Feast and Vincennes. (This would allow the members of Baldwin's to contract separately with a sponsor if they wish, thereby attending an event not as an NWTA member, but as a guest of the sponsor.) Motion passed.
Motion made by Brian VandePolder to remove the exclusions on the above motion. Al refused to amend his previous motion. Motion failed.

Deputy Commander: Frank Vesel.
Previously appointed to meet with the Feast Committee regarding the artillery camp, he says that good cooperation is being shown on everyone's part. The NWTA doesn't wish to control the artillery park, only to be sure of proper safety practices, for those who are there. He will be continuing to meet with the Feast Committee on this issue. The sight where the Feast Committee wanted to hold a battle, was not sufficient space for a safe demonstration. Concern was raised that the insurance may be invalid with the artillery units and NWTA being separately paid by the Feast. Concern raised about the uniforms of other units in the artillery area being incorrect, and an embarrassment to those who are well researched and correct. Discussions will be continuing in February.

Commander: Gary Ambrus.
Thanked everyone for their assistance, and recapped various feelings and memorable moments throughout his last term. He said that he didn't plan to seek a third term.
Saddest time being at the last Feast when the camper exploded and Joan was badly burned, over 33% of her body. According to her husband, Art, she is not healing properly, and anyone who wishes to send cards, can contact Clay Tollefson, or Joan Dobberpuhl for the address.
Gary invites people to talk to him, and he wishes to be accessible to everyone. He is interested in concerns of the members. He requests that no phone calls be made on Sundays, nor between the hours of 6p.m. to 9p.m. et on Mondays.
He mentioned the way the registration is handled at Feast would be discussed at the next Feb. meeting. He also sees a need to look into the provisions for a write-in candidate on the ballets and in the bylaws. There is no written history, or log of the NWTA. Gary would like to see the founding members or anyone interested, begin some kind of written historical account.

Adjourned for lunch at 12p.m ct ­ Reconvened at 1p.m. ct

Old Business

Voting Rights:
A 1993 directive to form a committee to look into the Constitution voting rights was never followed through.
The large number of ineligible votes in this past election is due to: ballets arriving after the deadline; no names on the ballets; voters must be members of units in good standing, not probationary units; some people voted twice, thereby the first ballet was taken; and family memberships are only allowed two voting members, even if there are more people in the family, only two can vote.
Field Officers Appointment:
Motion by Brian VandePolder to accept the wording of the By-Law Reg. 00-02 as written in previous Courier minutes. After a discussion of the intent of the wording, to have the commissioned officers follow the units, not necessarily the member holding the rank, and the grandfathering of present officers to be included in the by-law. The vote was tabled till the March meeting.

Purchase of Colors:
Motion by Sue Krakower to forget about the purchase of colors.
Motion passed.

Disposition of Grand Encampment T-Shirts:
Seven T-shirts still available. Motion by Brian VandePolder to auction off the shirts. Motion passed. Auctioned for $50 sold to Dave Taylor and Frank Vesel.

New Business

Destruction of Ballots:
Motion by Al McKechnie to destroy the commander's election ballots. Motion passed.

Appointment of Staff Officers:
New slate of staff appointments:
Deputy Commander-Frank Vesel
Paymaster-Joan Dobberpuhl
Scribe-Susan Krakower
Provost Marshall-Scott Bendle
Artillery Safety-Wayne Pribble
Quartermaster General-Al McKechnie
Music Master-Terry Wellman
Patternmaster-Bill Burke
Judge Advocate General-Jo Ann Kolbe
Librarian-Linnea Bass
Public Info. Officer-Mark Tully
Recruiting Officer-Marilyn Hess
Insurance Officer-Brian VandePolder
Corporate Agent-Bill Potter
Motion by Bill Bergstrom to accept staff appointments. Motion passed.
Motion by Terry Wellman to change the title of Music Master to Inspector of Music. Motion passed. (Necessary to amend NWTA Reg. #00-03 to change title of Music Master to Inspector of Music.)

1996 Budget/Stipends:
Adjutant/Scribe $700 (reduced due to file cabinet purchase last year)
Inspector of Music $1,000 (increased for purchases of music books, award program, transportation etc.)
Publicity $1,000 (increased for added action photos, video, and music beds)

Insurance $100 (postage and telephone)
Artillery Safety $50 (to cover expenses)
Recruiting ¯ $100 (reduce, too much)
Motion by Brian VandePolder to accept budget as proposed. Motion passed.

Membership Fee:
Motion by Joan Dobberpuhl to keep the membership dues the same as last year, of $10. for single, and $16. for family. Motion passed.

New Member Packet:
New member packets consist of Constitution, By-Laws and new member booklet. (Whenever it's finished)

Encampment Sanctioning Fee:
Motion by Judy Wicker to keep the event sanctioning fee the same at $200. Motion passed. Motion made by Bill Potter to refund $50. to those people where the Courier ads didn't appear in time for the event. Motion failed.

Alteration of Last Post:
Motion by Linnea Bass to have an advisory vote, to take back to your units for opinions. Only the names of those who have passed away, between the 1994 Grand Encampment and the present be read on Sunday's at memorial services. At the next Grand Encampment the entire list would again be read. Thereby, cutting down the lengthy list, read each Sunday. Motion passed. (Which means it is to be discussed within the units and brought again before the Board.)
Singing of National Anthems and A Parting Glass:
It was mentioned that the singing is not understood, mostly of "Chester" and "A Parting Glass". Also in "Chester", everyone is singing a different state. Perhaps people are not familiar with the lyrics, was suggested.
Motion by Tom Langenfeld that the Inspector of Music provide lyrics to the Courier of all three songs for publication. Motion passed. Judy Wicker suggested that everyone sing whatever state they want.

1996 Event Schedule:

Date Event/Host Unit
Mar. 9 Spring Board Meeting, Portage Indiana
May 25¯26 Vincennes, Indiana, Bill Potter, King's 8th
Jun. 8¯9 Kenosha, Wisconsin, Bill Burke, Brigade of Guards, and 3rd New York
Jun. 22¯23 South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Frank Vesel, 4th Cont. lt. Drg.
Jul. 6¯7 Vernon Hills,Illinois, Dave Jahntz, 2nd Con. Reg't lt. Drag.
Jul. 13¯14 Indianapolis, Indiana, Greg Hudson, Kellar's Co.
Jul. 27¯28 Wheaton, Illinois (Cantigny) Bill Hess, Hamilton's Artillery
Aug. 10¯11 Findlay, Ohio, Greg Holm, Worthington's Co.
Aug. 24¯25 Monroe, Michigan, Geoff Hoerauf, Campeau's Co.
Aug. 31¯Sept. 1 Fredonia, Wisconsin, (Pioneer Village) Judy Wicker, Com.Chief's Guard
Sept. 14¯15 Bowens Mills, Michigan, Gary Ambrus, Brian VandePolder, 2d Penn. and Campeau's Co.
Sept. 28¯29 Warsaw, Indiana, Dave Taylor, Vir. St. Navy
Oct. 12¯13 W. Lafayette, Indiana, (Feast of the Hunters' Moon) NWTA Commander
Nov. 2 Fall Board Meeting - Portage, IN

Motion by Al McKechnie to accept schedule as written. Motion passed.


Three year rotation, of School Inspector (not since 1991), School of the Soldier, and School of the Officer.
Motion by Brian VandePolder to have a School of the Inspector, to bring everyone up to date. Gary Arden thought that a School of the Inspector was not needed at this time. Motion failed.
Motion made by Clay Tollefson to hold a School of the Commissioned Officer open to all members of the NWTA. Motion Passed. It was suggested to include music, non-commissioned Officers, and private soldiers as well.
Motion by Terry Wellman to hold the School May 4 ¯5. Motion passed. Committee arranged to work on the details: Chairman-Steve Gilbert, with Bill Burke, Greg Holm, Frank Vesel, Brian VandePolder, Joan Dobberpuhl, Terry Wellman, Dave Taylor, Gary Ambrus.
Motion by Brian VandePolder to make sure that Steve Gilbert attends the next board meeting to report on the committee's progress. To be enforced by Frank Vesel. Motion passed.
Steve Gilbert's Suggestions (paper):
Proposal to incorporate an all alliance drill after Saturday morning colors. (item #2) Proposed by Terry Wellman. Many people thought it a good idea. The length of time and time frame to do it was disputed. 15 to 30 minutes was proposed. Suggested that the School of the Officer address the suggestions on the paper, then during the season, the ideas of the paper be implemented on a test basis, to see what works and what doesn't, before making any mandatory decisions. The suggestion of arranging Field Commanders at least 6 weeks prior to events was disputed, but generally thought a good idea. No action was taken.

Motion by Al McKechnie to adjourn was made, and quickly passed.
Meeting adjourned at 4:10p.m. ct.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Krakower, Scribe
Next meeting: 9a.m. ct, Saturday March 9, 1996, in Portage IN, at the Indiana Dunes Hotel. (Old Holiday Inn).