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THIS COLUMN is designed as catch-all for miscellaneous news, notes, questions, and for requesting or sharing documentation or information that doesn't fit in elsewhere. I am hoping this column will also take the place of "Recoil" as a more positive outlet for comments from the membership.

If you have documentation to offer, an idea or experience to share, are seeking information on a specific topic, or even if you have a criticism, send it to the editor in care of "Comments and Queries" and we'll bounce it off the general membership for you!

MANY UNITS publish their own newsletters. If you have a newsletter, please consider adding The Courier editor to your mailing list! I would like to see what individual units are up to and possibly reprint any relevant material in The Courier ­ with your permission of course.

The editor is hoping to start a documentation swopping network. As part of this project I am collecting various GIR's from NWTA and BAR units. If you are interested in being a part of this network, please send me a copy of your unit's GIR. I am mostly interested in collecting primary sources for clothing, weapons, and accouterments, but unit histories are also welcome.

I plan to sort the various references and compile lists of the various documentation sources for the more common items. I will then make this information available to anyone who requests it. Please send anything you have by one of the means shown on page two. Thanks!

LAST June, members of the 4th, King's 8th, 55th, Worthington's, and Bowman's Companies (plus many others) took part in the filming of a movie on George Rogers Clark. The filming took place at Naper Settlement, in Naperville, Illinois, just west of Chicago. NWTA member Gary Foreman directed the production which, as I understand it, will be shown in the visitor's center at the George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes, Indiana. Negotiations are also underway to have the production air on NBC, and/or some of the cable networks. Tim Osner of the Brigade of Guards played Governor Hamilton, and GRC was portrayed by Dave Hast of Worthington's company. According to Gary, the movie should be complete in early 1996 ­ stop in to the visitor's center at Vincennes and see if you recognize any faces!

AND NOW for something completely different ­ Allen Ockerlander of the Sixth Virginia is looking for 10-20 interested persons for a WINTER CAMP-OUT at the Byron Forest Preserve near Rockford, Illinois. It will be billed to the public as a "Valley Forge Weekend", but military impressions from both sides of the Revolutionary conflict are welcome.

This non-NWTA sanctioned event will be held on Saturday, February 17, 1996 and run from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm. Wood, straw, rations, and water will be provided. No modern intrusions can be seen from the campsite and it will only be accessible (for the participants as well as the public) by skis, snowshoes, and/or towed toboggan! The site is very popular with X-C skiers, so there should be a good turnout of public. Participants will be able to spend both Friday and Saturday night in the visitor's center if desired, and Allen has invited any interested parties over for a live shoot at his place (4 miles away) on Sunday morning. To reserve your spot or for more information and further details, Call Allen Ockerlander by February first at (815) 234-8535 Mondays and Fridays, or at (815) 234-8474 any time.

NOTE: Be aware that this is NOT an NWTA event so NWTA rules, regulations and insurance do not apply!

ANY TREKKERS out there? Consider joining the Coalition of Historical Trekkers (COHT). Their official bi-monthly journal, On the Trail Magazine, features a wide variety of interesting articles and documentation covering the 1700-1840 time-period. COHT membership also offers a connection to other re-enactors and living historians in your area that have similar interests. A roster list is made available to all COHT members so they can contact each other and get invited to go on treks in different areas of the country ­ a great networking resource. Sound interesting? You can get a trial copy of On the Trail Magazine, by sending your name, address, and three dollars to the Editor, Rick Edwards, P.O. Box 1451, Andrews, Texas 79714.

PLEASE NOTE: There are some grievous errors in the NWTA Membership Guide you received a few months ago, two of which are as follows:

Bass, Linnea
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Burke, William and Sue Seitz
3416 Washington
Racine WI 53405
(414) 633- 9726

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