Welcome to the new staff's first edition of The Courier. We would like to thank the past editor, Bill Bergstrom, and the members of his staff for their efforts. A big thank you as well to the many fine people who have worked on the NWTA's official newsletter in past years.

In addition to providing official reports and communications from the NWTA Board of Directors and event listings, we hope to educate and entertain you by offering in-depth articles and documentation We will be featuring several regular columns that we hope will be beneficial, plus my staff will be doing research and submitting regular articles on a wide variety of topics. Of course, your submissions are encouraged as well, and we will be happy to take your articles, documentation, or comments in any one of the following forms:

TYPED MANUSCRIPTS ­ single-spaced with two-inch margins on all sides will scan the best. If you are printing from a computer with a dot-matrix printer, please use letter quality. Handwritten notes and corrections confuse the scanner, so please keep them to a minimum.

COMPUTER DISK ­ we can read text from almost any 3.5" floppy disk. For those on an IBM-compatible system, saving your file in ASCII format transfers "cleaner". If there are any illustrations with your article, please have them converted to TIFF files and submit them on a Macintosh disk - or send a hard copy for scanning. It's a good idea to always include a hard-copy of all material submitted with your disk just in case.

FAX ­ faxes usually have to be manually re-keyed and are best only for short anecdotes, special event notes or updates and short articles. Please do not fax illustrations as the quality is usually horrendous and it is very labor-intensive to clean them up for publication.

E-MAIL ­ you can send digital files to any of the e-mail addresses indicated in the publication information box on page two. Large scans should be sent on a floppy disk if possible, as some of us have a long-distance internet carrier and don't appreciate the added surprises at the end of the month when the phone bill comes! To be perfectly honest, submitting your article in digital form will definitely speed it's publication. Your article WILL be published, but when our publishing deadline is bearing down on us the articles that are already in digital form involve the least amount of preparation and will have precedence.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE that the NEW closing date for submissions will be the first of the month preceding publication ­ not the 15th as in the past. If you are submitting time-sensitive material, please be sure it gets to us on or before the first of the month preceding publication. For example, if you want something in the May issue it must be to us by April first (no foolin'!). Also, if you are offering documentation or submitting historical material, please include footnotes or at LEAST general sources with your submissions. Articles lacking sources or detailed footnotes are simply hearsay and are therefore not useable information. Primary sources are always preferred, but don't let a lack of primary source material deter you from sending in your articles! Well, that's about enough of my babbling for now. We sincerely hope you enjoy this issue and we look forward to bringing you more of the same in the months ahead.

Mark Tully, editor, The Courier


The March issue of The Courier will be the "event" issue. This is the issue that contains a one-third page notice regarding each event. The notice should include a map and directions to the event site. I am going to suggest that the name and phone number of the Host Unit Representative also be included. This information should be in the hands of Courier editor Mark Tully NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY FIRST (02/01/96).

The full-page ad that is included in the $200 event fee should appear in the Courier issue the month before the event. For example, the ad for the Vincennes event should appear in the April issue of Courier and must be to the editor prior to March 1, 1996.

Harold C. Dobberpuhl, NWTA Adjutant