CALL TO ORDER: (50% required)

Meeting called to order at 8:04 a.m. cdt. 24 voting units, quorum present.

Units not represented: Active: 1st Cont'l Art'y Harrison's Reg't, 1st Jaeger Ko'y von Hesse Kessel, 10th Virginia Reg't Reid's Co'y, 71st Reg't of Foot Major's Co'y .1st Bat'n (Fraser's), Baldwin's Reg't of Con't Quartermaster Artificer's, Campeau's Co'y Ste. Anne's Militia Bird's Expedition, Commander in Chief's Guard Con't Line, Culpeper Minute Battalion, Musketeer Reg't Prinz Karl Leibkompanie, Virginia State Navy Row Galley Hero. Probation: 2nd Maryland Reg't, 3rd Connecticut Reg't Webb's Co'y Band of Musick, Cont'l Marines Niklaus Bat'n Dean's Co'y, McCarty's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Deux Pont Reg't 104 Brig'd Bourbonnais, Ste. Anne's Militia Charleville's Co'y, Applicant: Kellar's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Rose.

Time limit on discussions: Motion by Gary Weigel. Limit discussions to 10 minutes. Motion Passed.


Motion by Bill Potter. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes of Nov. 4, 1995 at Portage, IN. Motion Passed

Staff/committee reports: (No motions required to accept reports)

Adjutant: Harold Dobberpuhl. Cont'l Marines have no paid members. The 2nd Maryland have only one paid member.

Motion by Al McKechnie. To publish the names in the Courier of those people who didn't pay their membership dues. Motion Passed.

Circulate paper in order to update the names of the commanders, and alternates for each unit.

Paymaster: Joan Dobberpuhl. NWTA finances as of February 29, 1996

Open Bal Income Expenses Current Bal.
Courier $5,100.00 $3,004.96 $4,170.00 $3,934.96
Adjutant/Scribe $700.00 $45.00 $196.61 $550.39
Recruiting $600.00 -- $34.24 $565.76
Commander $500.00 -- -- $500.00
Patternmaster $50.00 -- -- $50.00
Insp. Gen'l $1,200.00 -- $192.04 $1,007.96
Paymstr. $100.00 -- $35.40 $64.60
Publicity $1,000.00 $536.00 -- $1,536.00
Dep. Cmdr $100.00 -- -- $100.00
Library $110.00 -- $40.00 $70.00
Insp. of Music $1,000.00 -- $610.39 $389.61
Quart. Mast. $100.00 -- -- $100.00
Insurance $100.00 -- -- $100.00
Artil. Safety $50.00 -- -- $50.00
School/Officer $400.00 $450.00 $850.00 $0.00
Corp. ($1,920.09) $8,307.51 $3,426.50 $2,960.92
Total $9,189.91 $12,343.47 $9,653.18 $11,880.20
Checking $3,578.90
Money Mkt. $8,301.30
Total $11,880.20
Grant $5,000.00 $341.07 $1,160.00 $4,181.07
36 Mo. CD $5,130.85 $223.57 -- $5,354.42
Total $10,130.85 $564.64$1,160.00 $9,535.49
Grand Total $19,320.76 $12, 908.11 $10,813.18 $21,415.69

Scribe: Susan Krakower. No Report.

Provost Marshall: Mentioned a problem with cartridge papers. Recommended a By-Law for a minimum age for children on the battlefield. Scott will present a possible addition to the By-Laws for next meeting.

Artillery Safety: Wayne Pribble. Not present.

Inspector General: Gary Arden. At the inspection of the 4th Cont'l Light Dragoons, the women passed, but the men need to make some corrections, and will be reinspected at the second event next year.

Corporate Agent: Bill Potter. No Report.

Recruiting Officer: Marilyn Hess. Cantigny is having the largest LIV turn out this year, with 19 prospective new members.

Inspector of Music: Terry Wellman. Recapped the Emergency Board Meeting at Indianapolis, and told about the upcoming trip of the Fife and Drum Corp. Mentioned the addition of ages for the fife and drummers, and will present a suggestion for a possible addition to the By-Laws at the next meeting.

Talked about recruiting fife and drum musicians from other sources. No motions were proposed.

Publication Editor: Mark Tully. Mark asks that people please send change of address information to the Adjutant, Harold Dobberpuhl, not to the Courier Editor, since he receives the mailing labels from Harold.

Pattern Master: Ralph Briggs. Ralph was elected pattern master. He said that he will publish the list of approved patterns.

Motion by Bill Bergstrom To allocate $200.00 to buy commercial patterns, and patterns from the B.A.R. for evaluation, not distribution. Motion Passed

Judge Advocate General: Jo Ann Kolbe. Not Present.

Librarian: Steve Baule. The books need to be fumigated from bugs, before they can be moved to Steve Baule's house.

Motion by Bill Potter: To allocate $300.00 for the fumigation of the N.W.T.A. Library of books. Motion Passed.

Motion by Al McKechnie; To drop the subscription to Smoke and Fire magazine by the library. Motion Passed.

Insurance Officer: Brian VanderPolder. It is important to make it very clear to the event sponsors that our insurance doesn't allow photographers on the battlefield during a battle.

Public Information Officer: Mark Tully. Suggested by Joan Dobberpuhl, to print up more Field Guides, they are selling. (UPDATE: 2,000 copies of the Field Guide have been printed and will be available at the November Board meeting).

Suggested by Linnea Bass, to have a memorial to Bill Burke in the way of an award. Such as the most authentic unit, or in categories, etc. The committee needs to be made official, and a committee report will be made at the next meeting.

Quartermaster General: Al McKechnie. Announced that the one-half hour before colors rule, is unenforcible, by the Quartermaster. Any time before colors that a unit wants to be authentic is up to the Commanders to enforce.

Motion by Al McKechnie: To enforce the authenticity of the camps, from colors to colors. Motion Passed.

No slat chairs or canoe chairs are allowed in camps during the authentic periods.

Deputy Commander: Frank Vesel. No report.

Commander: Gary Ambrus. See Below.

New Business:

Courier Editor Miscellaneous Expenses: Motion by Al McKechnie: To allocate $10 per month to the Courier for miscellaneous expenses. Motion Passed.

Joan Dobberpuhl suggested that e-mail addresses by added to the directory, as well as other up-dates that are needed due to the changes in Chicago area codes.

Donation to Glenwood School: There is only $3.36 left from the stipend that was allocated for the School of the Commander. It would be a nice gesture to give a donation to the school for allowing us to use their property.

Motion by Bernie Eagan: To give a $200.00 donation to the Glenwood School, plus anything that's left, making the donation $203.36. Motion Passed.

Gentlewoman Volunteer. Motion by Greg Holmes: To make Sue Sietz a Gentlewomen Volunteer. Motion Passed.

Date of March Board Meeting: The first Saturday, the usual date of the meeting, would be March 1. But, it was requested by the Hess family to move the meeting to March 8, since Tim's wedding is scheduled for the first of the month.

Motion by Bill Hess: To move the Board Meeting to March 8. Motion Passed.

Motion by Al McKechnie. To allocate $475.00 for the rental of a van to use on the Music Field Trip. Motion Passed.

Announcement by Marilyn Hess, that Andy Dobbins's reenacting items are for sale, and there are still some left for purchase.

Gary Ambrus announced that his participation at events next season will be greatly reduced, due to his responsibilities to the Mormon Church. Gary offered the option to the board of having a special election for a new commander, or appointing someone for the interim, or continuing with Gary as Commander and utilizing Frank as Deputy Commander in his place.

Motion by Al McKechnie: To retain Gary Ambrus as Commander in a restricted capacity, with Frank Vessel as Deputy Commander in his place. Motion Passed.

Motion by Terry Wellman To adjourn the meeting. Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:24 cdt.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Krakower, Scribe

Next meeting: 9:00 a.m. ct, Saturday Nov. 2, 1996, in Portage, IN