Stan Mack's Real-life American Revolution.

By Mark Tully, from material submitted by David Jahntz, 2nd Cont'l Light Dragoons

riflemen"This is not a book of jokes-- Mack makes that clear both in his introduction and in every subsequent panel -- but there is nothing reverential either in this account of the Founding Fathers, nor anything remote in its tone. Instead, Mack's story points out how the revolution that so profoundly changed the course of Western history and politics was, in fact, generated by the ordinary needs of ordinary people. That Mack's approach gives equal time to the commonfolk may, in fact, be what most makes the cartoon strip a legitimate mode of graphic expression for the story." -- Print magazine

Though Stan Mack's Real Life American Revolution at first appears to be a cute comic book, it is actually a fresh, irreverent, and often funny story of the American fight for independence. The normally dry political material takes on new life through Mack's biting humor and clever pen strokes. Mack has done his background research as well -- even the cartoon costuming is more-or-less correct!

Valley ForgeStan Mack's Real Life American Revolution is an excellent and very readable account of the American Revolution. The "cartoon" format is entertaining and easy to follow, yet at the same time Mack communicates the bare facts and offers some fresh insights into the how's and why's behind the war.

I have seen this at Half-Price Books in the history section for around $5.00, and it may also still be available through regular bookstores as well -- check it out! The particulars are as follows: Stan Mack's Real Life American Revolution, The Sweep of History Told in Colorful Detail, Avon Books, New York, 1994, ISBN 0-380-77223-X