By Mark Tully.

"A Rifleman, who got off from Long Island last night, was brought on board this morning, and his Gun with him. It was of a handsome Construction, and entirely manufactured in America. As there are no flints in this Country, they have smuggled them in from Holland & France".(1)

"On my return from Richmond, I witnessed the mode that renders the Virginian rifle-men so expert in use of arms -- as great numbers were assembled, shooting at marks, and which I understand, long before the commencement of the war, was the constant diversion in this country; so certain are they of hitting, that they are not fearful of holding the board at arms's length; nay, some are so little apprehensive of danger, that they will place it between their legs for another to fire at." (2)

1) The American Journal of Ambrose Serle, Secretary to Lord Howe, 1776-1778, ed. Edward H. Tatum, Jr., San Marino, California: The Huntington Library, 1940, p. 56, (Weds. August 7th, 1776)

2) Anburey, Thomas, Travels Through the Interior Parts of America ..., New York: NY Times and Arno Press, 1969, (Vol II, p. 414-15, near Charlottesville, in Virginia, 4 August, 1779)