A Neat Trick.

By Clyde Novak, Lauzun's Legion.

Enclosed is a drawing which has been a great help to those of us that use said item. Let me first make you aware that this is not a period-correct item.

This little bag is hung from a button and is placed on the uniform after we are on the battle field and removed before leaving the battle field. In using this bag it leaves a clean field and any cartridge papers on the field may just be those unfired rounds that get dropped from time to time (no matter how careful one is they do get dropped).


Upon loading the musket or rifle I reach down with the empty cartridge and slide it into the open slit at the top of the bag. The bag will hold almost thirty empty rounds. After the battle I remove the bag and slide it into my haversack so that on my return to camp I can dispose of the empty cartridges in the proper manner. Not only does it leave the field clean but makes it easier to spot something left on the field by accident. May I add that it also saves me a lot of time bending over and picking up little pieces of paper! I must emphasize that these little bags are not period but the public doesn't see them at the distance we are at. Also on a regimental coat the bag--when attached to the button just under the lapel-- may be stuffed behind the lapel till one is out on the battlefield and would go unnoticed by anyone except those in your rank.

It was suggested at the last Warsaw event that I share this with the Alliance for any of those that might find this an useful item.