Black Caps.

By Marilyn Hess

Because I am of the age for wearing black, I started to do some research on women's caps. My research shows that the black caps are typically worn over a white cap:

John Singleton Copley in America, pg . 221, 244, 306. All of these examples show a very fine gauze-like material that is tied or draped under the chin or on the chest.

Manners & Morals, The Tate Gallery. This shows a heavier cloth, poorer people and a different version of cap.

Engravings by Hogarth Plates 23 & 43. It appears these caps may have been gathered in the back to give fullness and then tied in front with ribbon.

All of the references to black caps I have found so far seem to be of much the same shape. If anyone has done any more research on these caps I hope they will share it with me.

Respectfully, Marilyn Hess