Greatcoat Colors

By Marilyn Hess

I received the book Runaways, Deserters, and Notorious Villains, by Maureen Alice Taylor for Christmas and have gone through it to pick out colors of surtouts and greatcoats.

  • Light Colored new fashion Bearskin
  • Homemade Light Brown
  • Light Coloured
  • Dirty White Flannel Moth-eaten Short Cape
  • Mixed Color Surtout
  • Blue
  • Gray Bearskin Surtout
  • Light Gray
  • White
  • Brownish Coloured Broad-cloth

  • Red
  • Red Duffel
  • Red Shag
  • Blue
  • Lightest Brown
  • Blue Duffel
  • Brown
  • Bearskin
  • Cloth Coloured
  • Gray Bearskin
  • Dark brown
  • Blue Shag
  • Lightish Colored
  • Old Kersey
  • Light
  • Gray Wool
  • Dark with Horn Buttons
  • Plain Bearskin Collar Lined with Velvet
  • Dark Mixed Coloured Cloth
  • Brown Cloth
  • Respectfully, Marilyn Hess

    Bearskin: A coarse, thick, shaggy woolen cloth.
    Broadcloth: Woolen fabric of a plain weave and fulled after weaving.
    Duffel: A heavy, napped woolen cloth.
    Flannel: Woolen fabric of an open texture. A soft, spongy fabric without much strength.
    Shag: A heavy, worsted material with a long nap.
    Velvet: A pile fabric made of silk, wool or cotton.

    Definitions from:
    Montgomery, Florence, Textiles in America, 1670-1870, (New York: W.W. Norton & Company)