Something Different.

By Marilyn Hess

The book Runaways, Deserters and Notorious Villains, by Maureen Alice Taylor gave me an idea for something we could do in camp that would involve the public. The Host Unit --or anyone for that matter--could pick out a deserter or runaway from a sutler from someone in their unit or the NWTA ahead of the scheduled event and print up a "ranaway and took with them" (they should change cloths to match the description) handbill and pass it out to the public. The public would need to help find this person if possible and return him or her were the handbill directs to receive a "reward"-- perhaps offering some cheap, reproduction money would encourage participation. If you need to find out how to write up a runaway description just give me a call, I have hundreds of them!

Respectfully, Marilyn Hess