An Attack on Loganís Fort, Kentucky.
By Ron Poppe

In May of 1777 at the site of Loganís fort, the present site of Stanford Kentucky, a
terrifying incident happened. On the frontier the cattle were left to forage in the woods on their own. Each morning the women would be escorted out with a number of men as guards to do the milking. On this particular day while the women were milking the cows, a large number of Indians attacked. As the women ran for their lives the four men sent to protect them fired back at their attackers. During the exchange of gunfire two of the Kentucky militiamen were hit. They were William Hudson and Bur Harrison. Hudson was killed instantly while Harrison lay mortally wounded on the ground. Captain Benjamin Logan knew that something had to be done or Harrison would most certainly be killed. He asked for volunteers to go with him to save the injured man. When he didnít get any response he decided to go alone. Using a large bail of wool he rolled it in front of him as a shield. Making his way to the half-dead Harrison he picked him up and ran back to the safety of the fort. When he returned and the gate was shut the settlers watched in horror as the Indians lifted the scalp of William Hudson in full view of the fort.1

As a re-enactor and unit commander of Captain Benjamin Loganís Company I found this to be a very interesting event and thought I would share it with you. Our company was invited to Stanford Kentucky in September of 1997 to help promote the Loganís fort foundation with a historical interpretation of the time period for the local school district. While we were there they were conducting an archeological dig to find artifacts to verify the site location. The grave of William Hudson was uncovered and his body was verified by the scalp marks on his head.2

1) Talbert, Benjamin Logan, University of Kentucky Press
2) The Interior Journal, Standford Kentucky 11, 26, 1997.

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