Scenario Fodder.
By Mark Tully

With the NWTA’s 25th Anniversary looming on the event calendar, I thought it might be a good time to throw a few things at you that are a little different. In the center pages of this issue are two items that can be used as “props” at the Grand encampment—or any NWTA event for that matter.

First is a replica of a declaration that was presented to the residents of Philadelphia in August of 1777. I put it in as a possible scenario starter—British troops could make an issue out of reading and/or posting this notice, or even set up a special guard post in anticipation of receiving the throngs of deserters that are sure to come in. Continental troops can either express their outrage at the offensive notice or perhaps ponder deserting and accepting the conditions outlined the pardon. The Continental commanding officers could also make a point of increasing camp security in an attempt to prevent desertion or even send out patrols to remove the offensive notices!

Also in the center of this edition you will find a pre-season refresher course on some of the basic field maneuvers that were used by both armies during the Revolution. These are just the basics, but I think you will find that these few simple maneuvers, when well executed, will allow any battalion commander to move his troops quickly and efficiently and get them out of (or into) any trouble he might encounter in the field. There are also other ways of executing these maneuvers, but the methods presented are the easiest to learn (in my opinion) and are presented in the interest of consistency all along the opposing lines.

Note that these documents are typeset in period fashion—though I have eliminated the long “s” character on the inside of the field maneuvers manual in the interest of easier
legibility. The center pages have also been printed on period-correct “laid” paper so you can simply cut apart the pages (I left the back of Howe’s proclamation blank on purpose so it can be used as-is) and put them in your knapsack where they will be handy for quick and easy reference throughout the season.

I hope all of you will find the proclamation and the illustrated maneuvers practical and useful tools to use as scenario starters.

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