School Of The Officer And Command

by Steve Gilbert

Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 May 1996 Glenwood School for Boys, Homewood, Illinois - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Saturday. 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Sunday.

The focus of this extensive training session will be on the basic daily 18th century duties of officers, noncommissioned officers, and musicians, in camp, on the parade, and in the field. Additional emphasis will be given to safety and communications on the battlefield. This advanced school will provide experience in commanding and maneuvering with larger-than-usual (but more realistic and period-correct) size units of mixed troops in ever-larger groupings; squads, platoons, companies and (if number permit) multiple companies. Coordinated command structure will use a variety of techniques and rotating command personnel throughout the weekend. Drum and fife signals will form part of the instruction.

Participants should expect a mixture of classroom/theory instruction, demonstrations, discussion and lots of hands-on rehearsal activity. First priority will be given to the specific topics of safety, period-correct hints in vocalization of commands, facings, wheeling and turnings, rehearsal of compact and extended-body firings, positioning of noncoms, musicians and officers. Additional time is planned for period courtesies, salutings, and parade formations.

Important: This school is designed for experienced members with several years of active on-field membership, who intend to exercise some form of command during the 1996 season. It is emphatically NOT designed for either first-year members or beginners. Musicians are welcome. Plan on wearing period clothing and doing lots of marching. Repetition of the manual of arms will have a lower priority than moving bodies of men into position.

The School will culminate with a practical unified display of troops executing the various maneuverings and firings as described by a period account of an actual review held at Dublin in May 1775.

The Glenwood School for Boys is an 80-acre private institution, grades 1-8, located just off the major roads. Overnight sleeping space can be in the gymnasium, or there are many motels in the area. We are working on providing the members with cafeteria meals, or having food catered in. We anticipate giving a short demonstration of our hobby at noon on Saturday for the students and faculty.

Final syllabus and specifics will be solidified between March and late April, and will be posted in the Courier.

Comments and Queries:

THANKS TO EVERYONE for their cooperation on the event ads. In looking through the back-issues of The Courier, this looks like the first issue that includes ads for all of the events! Thanks again for the quick response! ALSO THANKS for the many compliments and words of encouragement on our first issue. It was fun putting it together and my staff and I are working hard to ensure each issue has something of interest for everyone.

BOATS WANTED! David Jahntz is looking for people with American Revolution period-style wooden boats to attend the Vernon Hills event! There is a small island in the lake at the event site, which affords a rare opportunity for some naval expeditions and/or amphibious landings! If you own a sort-of 18th-century looking-ish wooden boat, or know of someone who does, please contact David Jahntz at 708-542-8502 or 312-222-3549.

THE LOYAL IRISH VOLUNTEERS need your help! Marilyn Hess is in need of used or "extra" clothing to help outfit the LIV. Have any old shirts, skirts, breeches, bodices, hats, caps, or other garments you don't wear anymore? Outgrown that old hunting shirt or coat? Has your favorite waistcoat started "shrinking" ­ especially around the middle? Donate them to the LIV! Call Marilyn Hess at (847) 397-4805!

The Loyal Irish Volunteers

by Marilyn Hess

I thank Gary Ambrus for asking me to serve as head of liv and also Tony Burke for starting the whole concept. In the past it has worked well and has brought new members in to the NWTA.

I am going to make a few changes but nothing too drastic. I have had several people offer to help me and I am going to call upon them for many things; Bob and Candace Myers, Bob and Melodie Steel, Barbara Munroe, and the 55th Reg't There are several units who are very active in helping out and I have appreciated their help in the past.

One of the changes I am going to try is at each event after the LIV slips have been handed back, I will copy the names, addresses and phone numbers of those interested and then passed out the slips to people of different units in the area who have volunteered to help with follow-ups This will help on the phone bill expense by having most of the phoning done in the same area code. A follow-up by me or a helper can be done by mail or in person at the next event. If this doesn't work after one event season I will go back to do the phoning on my own.

One thing I would like to know is who in the NWTA has clothing to lend to our visitors besides me. Please phone me and let me know. I want to stress the importance of giving these liv newcomers the chance to try different units in the nwta without just recruiting them to your unit alone. I would appreciate any ideas or positive criticism to make the LIV program work better.

Your Obedient Servant, Marilyn Hess (847) 397-4805 (new area code).

Andy Dobbins, 1952-1995

Andy Dobbins, 43, of the King's Regiment, 8th of Foot, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in mid-December. Andy's body was discovered December 18th by police who were summoned when relatives became concerned after not hearing from him for as long as two weeks (Andy lived alone in a condominium in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and did not have a phone). Breaking into his condo, the police found Andy sitting in his chair with his two faithful dogs waiting patiently at his side for him to awaken. He had been dead for some time.

Andy had been a member of Bowman's Company and the 2nd Virginia Regiment in the mid-1970's, and was with the 38th Regiment for many years before joining the King's 8th six years ago. No one in the NWTA knew of Andy's death until December 28, when Jay Perkins came across his obituary in a local paper. There was no funeral, and the body was cremated. A memorial service hosted by Andy's ex-wife (Mary) and his mother was held on January 27 and attended by NWTA members and other acquaintances.

Andy is survived by his mother, Lorene. For those wishing to send their condolences to Mrs. Dobbins, her home address is: Lorene Dobbins, 55 So. Pego Way, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, 71909-2851