CALL TO ORDER: (50% required). Meeting called to order at 9:02 am. ct 25 voting units, quorum present.

Units not represented:
Active: 1st Jaeger Ko'y von Hesse Kassel, 6th Virginia Reg't of Foot Con'l Line, 10th Virginia Reg't Reid's Co'y, Bowman's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Musketier Reg't Prinz Karl Leibkompanie, Ste. Joseph's Militia Ste. Joseph's Co'y, Worthington's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line Probation: 2nd Maryland Reg't, 3rd Connecticut Reg't Webb's Co'y Band of Musick, Cont'l Marines Niklaus Bat'n Dean's Co'y, Holder's Co'y Boonesborough Militia, McCarty's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Deux Pont Reg't 104 Brig'd Bourbonnais, Ste. Anne's Militia Charleville's Co'y Applicant:, Lee's Legion, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Rose Recruiting: Loyal Irish Volunteers.

Time limit on discussions: Motion by Bill Anderson To limit discussions to 15 minutes. Passed.

Minutes: Motion by Harold Dobberpuhl. To accept the Board Meeting Minutes of Nov. 2 1996. Motion passed

Comments: Harold Dobberpuhl. Minors who attend events with a family, other than family members, need to complete a form and hand it into the Adjutant before an event. This is a special emergency permission form.

Staff/committee reports:

(No motions required to accept reports)

Adjutant: Harold Dobberpuhl

As of March 6, there were 470 listed memberships. This consisted of 439 regular memberships (234 family and 205 single) and 17 Lady and Gentlemen Volunteers. In addition, there were 14 Courier subscriptions paid. For comparison, following are prior membership reports: Nov. 1994 - 709 regular (378 family and 331 single) Mar. 1995 - 412 regular (197 family and 215 single) July 1995 - 531 regular (260 family and 271 single) Nov. 1995 - 546 regular (263 family and 283 single) Mar. 1996 - 393 regular (196 family and 197 single) Nov. 1996 - 551 regular (271 family and 280 single)

Paymaster: Joan Dobberpuhl

NWTA FINANCES AS OF 2-28-97 OPEN BAL. INCOME EXPENSES CUR. BAL. Courier $5,100.00 $2,176.00 $2,000.00 $5,276.00 Adj./Scribe $700.00 $9.00 $105.96 $603.04 Recruiting $600.00 $600.00 Commander $500.00 $52.54 $447.46 Insp. Gen'l $1,200.00 $1,200.00 Patrn. Mast. $50.00 $50.00 Pay Mast. $250.00 $250.00 Publicity $1,500.00 $32.00 $929.50 $602.50 Dep. Com. $100.00 $100.00 Library $250.00 $250.00 Insp.Music $1,100.00 $250.67 $849.33 Quart. Mast. $100.00 $100.00 Insurance $100.00 $100.00 Art.l Safety $50.00 $50.00 Corp. ($3,021.10) $5,156.86 $3,050.88 ($915.12) TOTAL $8,578.90 $7,373.86 $6,389.55 $9,563.21 Checking $1,197.01 $7,322.97 $3,788.20 $4,731.78 Money Mkt. $7,082.79 $50.89 $2,302.25 $4,831.43 TOTAL $9,563.21 Grant $2,141.23 $14.96 $2,156.19 36mo. CD (8-18-95) $5,431.55 $78.24 $5,509.79 TOTAL $7,572.78 $93.20 $7,665.98 GRAND TOTAL $16,151.68 $7,467.06 $6,389.55 $17,229.19

Scribe: Susan Krakower

- No Report

Provost Marshall: Scott Bendle

Scott is working on a By-Law to specify the age limit of children allowed on the field during a battle demonstration. At the present time, no age limit is specified.
Scott is also putting together a short safety course, to be done sometime this summer.

Artillery Safety: Wayne Pribble

- No Report

Inspector General: Gary Arden

The 1997 Inspection Rotation: (repeat)
3rd New York
4th Cont'l Dragoons (re-inspection)
6th Virginia
10th Virginia
71st Foot Lt. Infantry
Proctor's Artillery
Bowman's Co'y
Hendrick's Co'y
Terry Wellman's 3 uniforms
As of November, a new I.G. will be needed, since Gary will not be able to continue in this capacity.

Corporate Agent: Bill Potter
The corporate paperwork is all ready to be signed, and a check made out and sent in. Recruiting Officer: Marilyn Hess (Sent written report). I have not done anything since the last board meeting as far as sending out schedules or inquiring who intends to participate. I also need to weed out those who pay under LIV and have not joined a unit after a year. One LIV family has joined a unit so far this year that I know about. If anyone wants some new brochures they can pick them up at Vincennes. A schedule will need to be placed in them.

Inspector of Music: Terry Wellman
Terry said that the trip to New York, to play at Carnegie Hall, was a big success, and he played the video tape clip, from the Today Show. He talked about how they jammed outside of Carnegie Hall, and other places where people actually threw money.
A school of Music is being planned, for sometime in April. There is a possibility of the Field Music playing in the Thanksgiving Macy's Parade. That has not yet been confirmed.

Publications Editor: Mark Tully
A new printer will be needed for the Courier, since the present one has gone out-of-business. Therefore the April issue may be slightly delayed.

Pattern Master: Ralph Briggs (not present -- sent written report).
A sudden and unwelcome change in my job status, and that of 50 of my co-workers, forced us to cancel our plans to be here.
At long last the Patternmaster's department has in its possession all but one of the patterns on the NWTA approved list, which was much more difficult to accomplish than I thought. The first challenge was tracking down sources, the second was getting them to deliver. Tidy's Storehouse finally got the bulk of them to me over three months after I ordered them, then went out of the retail business. We have almost nailed down sources for all of them, which we will publish when complete. The one pattern we haven't as yet been able to get is the women's 1760-1770 jacket pattern, which has been reported to us by two sutlers as being very unpopular due to its poor fit.
We also got a number of other interesting patterns to check out, including a women's basic clothing set in one package which holds particular promise for new members, and a men's frock coat pattern that is actually designed to fit an average male form.
Something I would really like to accomplish would be to transcribe the many instructional documents in the Patternmaster files into electronic format, which would allow us to both, easily update, and readily distribute them, through the web site and E-mail. Unfortunately, all the copies we have are about tenth generation photocopies which don't scan well for OCR, I am not much of a typist, and voice recognition software for my Mac runs about $500 which is quite a bit beyond my means right now. Perhaps some members of the NWTA would like to generously offer their services as typists? Contact Ralph H. Briggs (e-mail: rbriggs@nwta.com).

Judge Advocate General: Jo Ann Kolbe (not present)

Librarian: Steve Baule
Steve has most of the books and have started the abstracts on them. The abstracts will be available on the NWTA web site, as well as in hard copy. They will be available with the up-dated membership guides.

Insurance Officer: Brian VandePolder
Reminder that event sponsors can be added onto the NWTA Insurance Policy as additional insured for an additional cost of $10.50 per day. Requests must be received by the adjutant, in writing, no later than one month prior to the event in order to be certain that the coverage is added and certificates received by the Event Sponsor prior to the event.
Also remember that event sponsors can received a Certificate of Insurance for their event. Requests must be received by me (Brian VandePolder), in writing, no later than one month prior to the event in order to be certain that the certificate is received by the event sponsor before to the event.
The insurance of the LHA (Living History Assoc.) has been investigated, and it would seem that the coverage is based on actual attendance, as oppose to the number of events, as we now have. And since it is near impossible to try to figure an exact count of participants before an event, this then proved an impractical style of insurance.
Remember that insurance does not cover law suits by other reenactors. And riders to our insurance have proven too expensive for unit coverage on non-NWTA events.
Copies of the NWTA Insurance Policy will be made available to Unit Commanders. (This is a 50 page document.) Additional copies, including copies for staff officers, that are not Unit Commanders can be obtained from their Unit Commander. Request for copies must be in writing, signed by the Unit Commander. Write to Brian VandePolder, 78 Rambling Lane #14 A, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

Public Information Officer: Mark Tully
There is a new batch or Field Guides, (New and Improved versions). Mark asks that if you want the Field Guides hauled to events, please use them. A new brochure for the NWTA has been printed, this one in color. They are about 10c each to print and will be distributed in the host and sponsor packets.
The web site is in need of $350.00 for continued maintenance, this will be taken out of the publications budget.

Quartermaster General: Chris Hess (not present)

Deputy Commander: Frank Vesel
Frank attending the February 1st meeting for the Feast of the Hunters' Moon. More on that meeting will be reported later.

Commander: Gary Ambrus
Gary went through some mail, and inquires about the NWTA, and also mentioned his second son who is now in Salt Lake City. His address will available in the Courier, for those who wish to write. Mail is always happily received.
Events that Gary will be attending:

Vincennes IN
Cantigny-Summer Board Meeting
Ft. Meigs OH (formerly Findley OH) NOTE THIS CHANGE!!!
Warsaw IN (Saturday only)
Gary stated that he will unfortunately not be able to accept re-election as Commander.

Old Business

Complaint concerning 42nd Reg't and F&I Frasers Co'y: Scott Bendle summarized the incident of Ms. VanNorman verse the 42nd, and it appeared that, for as many letters saying that the 42nd did indeed push someone with a bayonet and interrupt the Church Service at last October's Feast, there seemed to be that many and more letters that said it didn't happen. Motion by Al McKechnie To have the incident of Ms. VanNorman being touched by the bayonet dropped because the charges are unsubstantiated, and without grounds. A roll-call vote was requested by McKechnie. 23 yes, 2 abstentions-motion passed. Cannon Safety Identification/Safety Regulation Amendment: Motion by Wayne Pribble To accept the following wording for NWTA Reg. #02-11: Artillery Demonstrations: 6)F. g. The Signal that a gun has been secured shall be that the sponge/rammer be left in the barrel, and that the sponge bucket be hung by the bail on the barrel. Motion passed. Standing Order for Color Bearing Ensigns/By-Law Amendment: Motion by Brian VandePolder . To accept the addendum to NWTA Reg. #00-02.1)C. Motion failed. Replacement of PA Sets: Linnea Bass and Bill Hess had been looking into new PA systems for the events. The Anchor Corp. has a sound system that they will allow the NWTA to test at an event before purchasing. Motion by Frank Vesel To try the PA system at an event, then to give an impression or recommendation to the board afterwards. Linnea and Bill can choose which event to try the equipment. Motion passed. NEW BUSINESS Application of Unit Membership: Motion by Harold Dobberpuhl. To accept the following unit for applicant status: Benjamin Logan's Co.'y of Kentucky County Militia, Commander, Ronald W. Poppe, Reenacting March 1777 (The unit already has 14 people and has been doing events previously.) Motion passed Audit Report The following audit report was submitted by Brian VandePolder: Audit Committee consists of: Brian VandePolder, LuAnn McConnell, Lee Mulder, and Joan Reilly. February 23, 1997 We have audited the Paymasters records for the Fiscal Year November 1, 1995 through October 31, 1996. Procedures utilized included: Reconciling the Paymasters Report, General Ledger, and Check Registers to the Bank Statements; 100% review of all cash receipts and cash disbursements to the source documents; review of the Board Minutes for authorization of major purchases and over budget expenditures; review of open items from the prior audit; and review of transactions from October 31, 1996 through December 31, 1996. The beginning balance of all NWTA funds: $18,415.93 The total yearly income: $16,416.84 The total yearly expenses: $18,681.09 The ending balance of all NWTA funds: $16,151.68 Checking Account Balance: $1,496.11 Money Market Account Balance: $7,082.79 McCormick Grant Balance: $2,141.23 36 Month Certificate of Deposit: $5,431.55 Total Balances of all NWTA funds: $16,151.68 The NWTA paymaster ledgers and bank statements balanced to 0. The outstanding checks of October all cleared in November. With the exception of one check, #1199 dated 6/96 to Baldwin's Regiment for $12.00. It was recommended to void this check. There were no outstanding deposits. The errors found during the above audit were extremely minor and few. No corrections or adjustments were recommended or made. Motion by David Phipps to accept the audit report as presented. Motion passed. Event Schedule Update: Geneva-Saturday night dinner Motion by Terry Wellman to have only one extended battle per day, to be held in the afternoon. Motion passed. Vincennes- The Park Superintendent, will be retiring, and this will be his last event. Requests a later than normal starting time on Saturday morning. Kenosha-Same as last year. South Milwaukee-Saturday night dinner . Is considering going to an every-other year event. Suggestions on camp layout welcome. Indianapolis- Motion by Frank Vesel to have only one battle per day. Motion passed Wheaton (Cantigny)-Same as last year Fort Meigs (formerly Findley)-Greg Holm is the event coordinator, but previously no sponsor fee had been paid by Findley. The first year the fee was paid out to Greg's pocket. Greg was not at the meeting. Terry Wellman offered to phone Greg, and find out if Ft. Meigs is aware of the sponsor fee, and investigate the fee situation. Motion by Brian VandePolder to send a letter to Fort Meigs, and if the sponsor fee is not paid by May first, to cancel the event. Motion failed. Fredonia-Same as previous years. Requests that you make your reservation as accurate as possible due to limited camping space. Bowen's Mills- Motion by Jim McConnell to have only one battle per day, due to the shortened hours that the park is open, (11am-4pm). Motion passed. Danville-No report Warsaw-Remind everyone that Warsaw is a city park, and no animals are allowed. To attend the Ball a donation of about $1.00 will be requested. Feast of the Hunters' Moon-There was a meeting on February 1, 1997 of the NWTA, the Forces of Montcalm and Wolf, and the Feast (TCHA). 1. The application changes are minor, and it will be very much as last year. Fax numbers are included for those who would like to fax an application. Tent size information will be requested on the back of the form, to help with camp layout. 2. Anyone coming in on Friday, and requesting to have there name added to a unit's roster, will need to find the Commander who registered the unit, for permission to do so. 3. The Artillery Arena will continue. To prevent people from getting in front of the guns, it was suggested that the TCHA drive several posts on each side of the arena down to the river to fence off the area with signs to keep out. 4. TCHA will clear out the weeds so cannons can continue to be placed along tree line. And they will see what can be done about the poison ivy. 5. A radio will be placed in the artillery area for safety. 6. The possibility of having a second water buffalo is being looked into. 7. The NWTA camp is considering a new layout, by dividing into a Continental and a British line. The Stage will also be moved farther West. And a gate along the West fence for participants only, was suggested. 8. The NWTA will be responsible for guarding the boat ramp during the Sunday landing. 9. The TCHA is looking into ways of enlarging the drill field. The NWTA will have to, once again, share this space with F&I. 10. The NWTA tactical demonstration is rescheduled from 11:40am to 12:00, allowing some time between opening colors and the demonstration. Copies of the schedule will be sent to Frank Vesel and Gary Ambrus for review. 11. Parking passes will not be issued this year. But the same parking will be available, as in previous years. The registration form for modern camping will be in the Courier, the modern camping deadline to register is June 15. The Military camping registration deadline is again in August. Motion by Terry Wellman to recess for lunch. Motion passed Time: 12:13p.m. ct. Meeting reconvened at 1:17p.m. ct. Reading of the Last Post: Motion by Linnea Bass to read the entire last post at the Vincennes IN event, at Grand Encampments, or at special appropriate occasions. At all other events, only read the names of those who have been added since the previous Grand Encampment. Names added to the Last Post prior to the last Grand Encampment shall be read at every event if family members or close friends still active in the NWTA petition the NWTA Commander in writing. The name will be read until the request is withdrawn or the petitioners are no longer members of the NWTA. Motion failed Motion by Bill Potter to read the entire last post at every event's funeral service. Motion passed. Date/Place Event Board Meeting: Motion by Brian VandePolder to have the next board meeting at the Indianapolis event. Motion failed. Motion by Linnea Bass to have the next board meeting at the Wheaton (Cantigny) event. Pending no opposition from the host unit, or park. Motion passed. Requests for Lieutenant rank: Motion by Al McKechnie to award the rank of Lieutenant to Gary Weigel of Braunschweig Reg't due to the increase in membership. Motion passed. Motion by Alan Potyen to award the rank of Lieutenant to Jay Perkins of 2nd Virginia Reg't. Motion passed. Election of Commander: Motion by Harold Dobberpuhl. People who would like to run for Commander of the NWTA will need to have an Application/Platform sheet filled out and returned to the Adjutant no later than May 15. Ballots will be available in the July and August Courier, and available at events. All votes must be postmarked no later than September 12 to be counted. The name of the next Commander will be announced at closing colors Sunday afternoon at Feast. Motion passed. Motion by Brian VandePolder to include a slate of officers to accompany the Application/Platform sheet. Motion passed. Orders/Disobey: Motion by Harold Dobberpuhl to add the underlined to NWTA Reg. #00-05: 4. Charges may be filed with the Board of Directors by any NWTA member. The individual filing charges must attend the next meeting of the Board of Directors to present the charges and to substantiate them. Motion passed. Motion by Frank Vesel. The Field Commanders of the NWTA's American and British line will be in charge. And these Commanders will head the official chain of command, when on the field for formations. Motion withdrawn. Request: Bill Anderson of the 1st Cont'l Artillery requests an orange safety flag, so that they can use it whenever an unsafe practice is occurring. It was suggested that he attempt to make one of his own, since they are not purchased items. Announcement: Joan Dobberpuhl announced that she will be running for the office of NWTA Commander, in this summer's election. Motion by Bill Bergstrom to adjourn. Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 2:46 pm c.t. Respectfully submitted by Susan Krakower, NWTA Scribe The next meeting will be Sunday July 27, 1997, in (Cantigny) Wheaton IL.