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question markIT HAS BEEN BROUGHT to my attention that "biscuit", a.k.a. "Hardtack", features almost the same ingredients as Play-Dough®, -- minus the food coloring. So, you might try buying-up cases of WHITE Play-dough for quick and easy hardtack!

Hey NWTA!!! I have been given official permission to put out the word about a GREAT new Website for our favorite family of Scottish Folk singers! Yes, that's right -- Father Son & Friends is on the web!!!! The page is awesome, and has some great pictures! Now you can listen while you surf!
Deb. Foster (Butlers Rangers)

The excitement and interest is growing for the 3rd Annual Chiwaukee Fair June 14-15, 1997 as we recruit new entertainment for a greater fair atmosphere. Amy Cudari is an expert in historical theatre production having been active for many years teaching and producing plays from the renaissance period and is now pleased to have an 18th-century venue. Amy will produce "The Rivals", a bawdy play often performed at the fairs.

Actors of the day were considered the very lowest class of people, not to be anywhere close to decent folk and of course, the actors loved flaunting the fact that they were theatre performers enjoying the looks of disgust from those around them. The Chiwaukee Fair board is looking for really ragged clothes for men & women; even those too ragged to give to the Irish volunteers bag. Amy will use your rags with added authentic embellishments to stock the Fair theatre wardrobe for use by her volunteers not only this year but for future Chiwaukee Fairs. Especially needed are straw and felt hats and it doesn't matter if they are falling apart, please put them in a box and mail them to me, we would greatly appreciate the donation of your well worn authentics.

exclamation markPlease put the fair on your calendars and then you will not miss this opportunity to see a performance of an 18th century play.

Thank you,
Hazel Dickfoss

THANKS FOR THE SUBMISSIONS! I've had a recent flurry of articles and other material submitted for The Courier. Unfortunately, due to the NWTA Board meeting minutes and other official business, I simply didn't have room to include them all in this issue.

Don't despair! There is plenty of room in the May issue and I hope to get everyone's article into print then.