Nwta Board Minutes

March 9, 1996, PORTAGE, INDIANA

Call To Order: (50% required)

Meeting called to order at 9:01 a.m. ct. 25 voting units, quorum present.

Units not represented: Active: 1st Jaeger Ko'y von Hesse Kessel, 10th Virginia Reg't Reid's Co'y, 42nd Reg't of Foot Grenadier Co'y (Royal Highland Reg't), 71st Reg't of Foot Major's Co'y .1st Bat'n (Fraser's), Bowman's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Campeau's Co'y Ste. Anne's Militia Bird's Expedition, Culpeper Minute Battalion, Musketier Reg't Prinz Karl Leibkompanie. Probation: 3rd Connecticut Reg't Webb's Co'y Band of Musick, 4th Bat'n Royal Art'y 3rd Co'y Niagara Detachment, 7th Pennsylvania Reg't, Cont'l Marines Niklaus Dean's Co'y, McCarty's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Deux Pont Reg't 104 Brig'd Bourbonnais, Ste. Anne's Militia Charleville's Co'y. Recruiting: Loyal Irish Volunteers. Applicant: Kellar's Co'y Illinois Reg't Virginia State Line, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Rose.

Time limit on discussions:

MOTION by Gary Weigel. Limit discussions to 10 minutes. Motion passed


MOTION by Bill Potter. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes of Nov. 4, 1995 at Portage, IN. Motion passed

Changes In Unit Status:

Inspector General, Gary Arden, proposed to place the 4th Cont'l Light Dragoons on probation. Complaint filed by the 4th Cont'l Lt. Drag.unit-letter read to board by Ken Vallier.

MOTION by Al Potyen. To extend discussion time. Motion passed

MOTION by Bill Bergstrom. To place the 4th Continental Light Dragoons on probation till they submit proper paper-work and stand inspection. Roll call vote (three-fourths vote needed to pass) 15-yes, 8-no, 2 abstentions. MOTION fails.

MOTION by Terry Wellman. To have a team work with the 4th Cont'l Lt. Drag. to help correct the current problems. Motion passed. (Clay Tollefson, and Bill Burke will be working with the unit. See: Other business-IG Department)

Staff/committee Reports:

(No motions required to accept reports)

Adjutant: Harold Dobberpuhl. As of March 8, there were 405 listed memberships. This consisted of 393 regular memberships (196 family and 197 single) and 12 Lady and Gentlemen Volunteers. In addition, there were 6 Courier subscriptions paid. For comparison, following are prior membership reports:

Nov. 1994 - 709 regular (378 family and 331 single)

Mar. 1995 - 412 regular (197 family and 215 single)

July 1995 - 531 regular (260 family and 271 single)

Nov. 1995-546 regular (263 family and 283 single)

A notice will appear in the next Courier to the effect that anyone not having paid their 1996 dues by the time labels are prepared for the next edition of The Courier, they will have their name removed from the mailing list until such time as their dues are paid.

Paymaster: Joan Dobberpuhl. NWTA finances as of February 29, 1996

Open BalIncomeExpensesCurrent Bal.
Adjutant/Scribe $700.00$36.00$101.21$634.79
Commander $500.00 ­­$500.00
Insp. Gen'l $1,200.00­$192.04 $1,007.96
Paymstr.$100.00 ­­$100.00
Publicity $1,000.00­ ­$1,000.00
Dep. Cmdr $100.00 ­­$100.00
Library $110.00­­$110.00
Insp. of Music$1,000.00 ­$167.30 $832.70
Quart. Mast. $100.00­­ $100.00
Insurance $100.00 ­­$100.00
Artil. Safety$50.00 ­­$50.00
Corp.($1,520.09) $5,146.20 $3,190.25$435.86
Grant$5,000.00 $283.87 $1,160.00$4,123.87
36 Mo. CD $5,130.85$74.11­$5,204.96
TOTAL $10,130.85 $357.98 $1,160.00$9,328.83
GRAND TOTAL $19,320.76 $7,485.14$6,994.87$19,811.03
Checking $6,755.78
Money Mkt. $3,726.42
TOTAL. $10,482.20

Scribe: Susan Krakower. No Report.

Provost Marshall: Scott Bendle. Not present

Artillery Safety: Wayne Pribble. All artillery units and units with artillery pieces, documentation is looking good! The artillery units that we have are:

Hamilton's Co'y New York State Art'y; Proctor's Cont'l Art'y Reg't; 1st Cont'l Art'y Harrison's Reg't; 4th Cont'l; and HRM's Marines.

Inspector General: Gary Arden. The Inspector General handed in his resignation. (See: Other business-IG Department)

Corporate Agent: Bill Potter. State fees are being taken care of.

Recruiting Officer: Marilyn Hess. Not Present. Reported by Bill Hess-More units are needed who are interested in taking in LIV members. Sign-up sheet was passed around. Also anyone with extra clothing that LIV members could borrow, contact Marilyn Hess.

Inspector of Music: Terry Wellman. Proposals for standing orders for the Musick and Inspector of Musick, was presented and read. It includes guidelines, job descriptions, qualification levels, and levels of achievement for musicians. Further discussion was tabled till the summer meeting.

Terry has appointed Margaret Eiden, Fife Major, and himself, Drum Major, until someone with more skill than he, joins. Terry discussed the School of Music which will be at Warsaw's Camp Lucerne park IN, on March 23-34. Letters about this have already gone out to the musicians. The BAR Inspector of Music, Gary Vorwald, will also be there, as it is a combined NWTA and BAR event. March 9th was the registration deadline. He wishes to teach the musicians the brigade calls, signals, call to colors, etc. The BAR training tape was recommended. The music trip was discussed, which will be the end of July and first week of August. The musicians will be playing at various sights, including Williamsburg VA, and Yorktown VA as well as at the Olympics.

MOTION by Les Ambrus. To ban the playing of the Maplewood fifes for field music, since they do not remain in tune. Motion passed.

Publication Editor: Mark Tully. The March Courier has just gone out this week. And the first of the month deadline seems to be working well. Everyone thought he was doing a very good job!

Pattern Master: Bill Burke. No report. (Commented on lack of support for the IG by the board.)

Judge Advocate General: Jo Ann Kolbe. No report.

Librarian: Linnea Bass. No report.

(Library Committee report under New Business.)

Insurance Officer: Brian VanderPolder. The NWTA now has a new insurance policy, the same coverage as previous policy, except that children's games are now covered. This covers the public's children not our members.

MOTION by Al McKechnie. To provide copies of the insurance policy to Commanders who request them, with the coping fee paid by the NWTA-adding $100.00 to the insurance stipend to cover added expense. MOTION Passed.

Certain events may require a Certificate of Insurance, please call Brian well in advance of the event time to ensure that it is received by the sponsoring organization. Include the name of the organization, with contact persons name, and the address it is to be sent to.

Public Information Officer: Mark Tully. 1,000 copies of the new Field Guides are in Mark's trunk, so any host units for the early events should take them now.

MOTION by Al Potyen. To continue to sell the Field Guides, as before with 25¢ given to the children who sell them for $1.00, as long as they are covered by the McCormick Grant money. Motion passed.

Ralph Briggs showed a simulation of an NWTA internet page that he designed. It has the Field Guide illustrated, and will have a copy of the current Courier. He is also hoping to have maps and schedules for events. He would like every unit's assistance in providing him 3 links per unit: 1. a basic GIR for each unit; 2. photos of your unit; 3. an e-mail address, or someway to receive feedback to each unit by those who may be interested. The URL will be: http://netins.net/showcase/nwta.html.

MOTION by Al MacKechnie

To approve of the internet page, and the price quoted. (Which was no charge to the NWTA.) Motion passed.

MOTION by Bill Potter. To accept the copyrights of the Courier and Field Guide. Motion passed.

Quartermaster General: Al McKechnie. Urges everyone bringing out new equipment to camp, to have it documented and approved before you bring it to an event. Contact Al McKechnie or any of his staff-Deputy Quartermasters are: Ken Vallier, Dave Taylor, Bruce Aller, Leslie Aller, and Brian VandePolder.

Deputy Commander: Frank Vesel. (Discussions with the Feast Committee will be reported under New Business event updates.)

Commander: Gary Ambrus. Thanked everyone for allowing him to take his vacation last week, and for honoring the times not to disturb him at home. (Which are Sundays, and between 6 and 9 p.m. est on Mondays) Gary can also be contacted at: AMB924@aol.com

The events that Gary plans to attend this season are: School of the Officer, Vincennes IN, South Milwaukee WI, Vernon Hills IL, Indianapolis IN, Cantigny IL, Findley OH, Monroe MI, Fredonia WI, Bowens Mills MI, Warsaw IN, Feast

Requests a list of events from the staff, of which events they plan to participate.

Plans to have event activities start on time. Officer's call will be one hour before opening, or beginning of event activities.

Adjourned for lunch at 11:40 p.m ct - Reconvened at 12:43 p.m. ct

Old Business:

By-Law Regarding Appointment of Field Officers:

Two proposals were submitted, one by Bill Burke, and one by Brian VandePolder. The By-Law would now read, with the inclusion of the underlined text:

NWTA Reg. #00-02: Commissioned Officers: The aim of this regulation is to keep the ratio between NWTA troops and officers in historical perspective.

  1. No unit may field an officer of a rank that did not exist in that unit during the time period portrayed. Units may field officers based on one of the following criteria.

    1. REENACTING UNIT STRENGTH: If at two NWTA events during a year a unit fields the following number of soldiers (includes privates, musicians, and NCO's), it is entitled thereafter to field an officer or officers of the following rank(s):

      1. Eleven (11) soldiers: One (1) officer of the lowest rank extant in the unit.

      2. Twenty-two (22) soldiers: Two (2) officers, none to exceed the rank of captain.

      3. Thirty-three (33) soldiers: Three (3) officers, none to exceed the rank of captain.

      4. If the unit no longer meets these standards after a person begins to portray an officer, that individual may continue the portrayal. To field another individual as a commissioned officer, the unit must once again meet the standards.

    2. HISTORICAL PRECEDENT: If the unit consisted of an officer (or officers) with fewer than eleven (11) soldiers (includes privates, musicians, and NCO's), the lowest ranking officer may be portrayed.

    3. COLOR BEARING ENSIGNS: Any unit may field the lowest ranking officer extant in the unit for the purpose of bearing colors only. He will have no command function.

  2. Before the officer takes the field, appropriate documentation must be presented to the Inspector General and/or Adjutant.

  3. The Board of Directors may grant special dispensation in circumstances not covered by this regulation.

  4. The Units having commissioned officers as of the Board of Directors meeting of March 4, 1995, having previously qualified, are not required to requalify under this regulation.

This would therefore provide for the grandfathering in of previous officers as of the 1994 slate. The Field Officers listed are: Lt. William Anderson, Lt. Clayton Tollefson, Capt. Gary Ambrus, Lt. Brian VandePolder, Dominic Pietrangelo, Lt. George Glenn, Capt. Stanley Rayner, Lt. Bernard Kaswick, Lt. Thomas Edwards, Capt. Al McKechnie, Lt. Terry Rickerson, Lt. Shawn Cassidy, Capt. William Burke, Lt. Ralph Naveau, Lt. Ted Carlson, Capt. William Hess, Capt. John E. Moore, Lt. Greg Hudson, Capt. Michael Morris, Lt. Jerry Burchell, Capt. Dave Taylor, Lt. Erick Taylor, Lt. Greg Holm.

If this above list is not correct, please contact the Adjutant, Harold Dobberpuhl, to make corrections.

MOTION by Al McKechnie. To accept the By-Law changes as presented. Motion passed.

The Reading of the Last Post: MOTION by Bill Potter. To continue to read the last post in its entirety at all events. Motion failed.

MOTION by Tim Langenfeld. To only add members to the last post who are active members or no longer members due to illness, infirmity, or at the boards discretion. Motion passed.

MOTION by Les Ambrus. To read the entire last post at the Vincennes IN event, at Grand Encampments, or at special appropriate occasions. At all other events, only read the names of those who have been added since the previous Grand Encampment. Motion passed.

New Business:

Event Update: Vincennes IN- Doing fine. Kenosha WI- Will provide rations, and closer Port-A-Johns. South Milwaukee WI- Frank Vesel would like ideas and suggestions concerning camp lay-out, battles, etc. The Lions Club will again provide dinner Saturday evening. Frank also invites units or individuals to the Prairie deChine event June 13-16, for more information contact Frank Vesel. Vernon Hills IL- A large 4 digit ad campaign is under-way, including video crews, raffles (with prizes like 2 free tickets to Williamsburg VA), professional entertainment, free ice, free ice cream and soda pop, etc. There will be areas for first person interpretation, and interaction. They estimate 100,000-150,000 spectators. Battles will take place on islands with the spectators on the other side of the water. Any 18th century boats are wanted as well. The hosts are encouraging attendance, (needed large numbers) to show up in support of this new event. Access to the sight will begin Friday morning. Indianapolis IN- No report. Wheaton (Cantigny) IL-The same as last year. Findley OH- No report. Monroe MI-Will be a time-line with F & I, Buckskinners, etc. Disappointed by our poor turn-out of previous years. No changes from previous amenities. Fredonia WI- Same as last year. Directions in the Courier should indicate Highway H (not 84 as written. The contact person, Sally Carlson will have a new phone number it will be: (414) 425-3850. Bowens Mills MI- Event time schedule change-open to the public at 11 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. This looses 2 hours each day. MOTION by Brian VandePolder. With the shorter day it was requested to have only one tactical per day. Motion passed. Written directions in the Courier are incorrect, (see map) go North on 131 to Bradley, then East to Briggs Road. Warsaw IN- Cabins will again house the Brit. and Colonial Headquarters. There will again be a masked ball on Saturday night. Special thanks again to Terry Wellman who put together the music, when the previously arranged fife and drum corp. didn't show up. Lafayette (Feast of the Hunters Moon) IN- There will be a change in application procedures. July 15-deadline for modern camping facilities. August 15-deadline for military camping, primitive. The Commander of each unit must register for their entire unit. No one will be denied camping. The camp lay-out will be changed, with the marquees and the wedge tents in the same areas. The NWTA members will be arranging the camp. The artillery park will be under the NWTA's control during our demonstrations, details about the long grass and other things still need to be discussed. There will be an increase in the amount of money that the NWTA is paid. The exact amount is not yet finalized, but may increase from $1,100 now received, up to $2,000. (Update-final amount is $1,300.) We will now be allowed to sell the Field Guides at the Feast. We will also have more room for the opening ceremonies. We were asked to assist with the crowd control. The marching in of the units will be changed in order to keep the NWTA together, so that we march with our own musicians.

MOTION by Jim Brown. To assist with the crowd control, during the Voyagers canoe landings at the 1996 Feast. Motion passed.

Two letters of complaint were read-they were received by the Feast Committee, and believed to have been NWTA related.

The first was regarding the improper exhibition underneath the kilts, of Highlanders who were not careful in their posture. The second regarded, talking, playing, and disrespectful activities, conducted during the flag ceremonies. Plus the blocking of the public's view by our units during the ceremonies.

Membership Status:

The Adjutant, Harold Dobberpuhl, requested the dropping of The 4th Bat'n Royal Art'y, and the 7th Pennsylvainia Reg't from the records, since they have had not members for a couple of years now.

MOTION by Pat van Melle. To drop the units from the records. Motion passed.

Library Committee Report:

Linnea Bass, Terry Wellman, Steve Baule, and Judy Wicker. Terry Wellman spoke for the Committee. A seven item proposal for the NWTA Library, was distributed. It is summarized below:

1. To regularly publish the inventory of the library, so that membership knows what's available.

2. To catalogue the library, and making it available over the internet.

3. Along with the catalogue, an abstract would be made for the publications, as well as an index, making the information more accessible.

4. Make a table of contents of periodicals, that the NWTA subscribes to, and making them available to the membership.

5. Attempt to obtain more titles for the library.

6. Develop provisions for research by the NWTA librarian, for units. This needs more investigating (is the service needed, and compensation for the librarian may be in order.)

7. Move the library collection to Steve Baule's house in Glenview IL. Steve would make his home available for researchers, just make an appointment ahead of time. Therefore Steve Baule will now be the new librarian.

MOTION by Jim Brown. To accept the library committee's proposals. Motion passed.

Audit Report:

Brian VandePolder, LuAnn McConnell, Lee Mulder Brian handed out a sheet regarding the audit of the books for the Fiscal year Nov. 1, 1994-Oct. 31, 1995. The ending balance of all funds, and the totals balanced at $19,163.04. The paymaster's ledgers and bank statements balanced to 0. There were no outstanding deposits. No corrections or adjustments were recommended or made. Previous recommendations were complied with, and no additional concerns have been noted.

MOTION to accept audit was made. Motion passed.

School of the Officer and Commander:

Steve Gilbert

The school will be May 4-5 at Glenwood School for Boys, in Homewood IL. A sheet stating purpose and tentative schedule ideas was handed out. Steve asks for input from everyone, to help make the school a success. A suggestion was made to do a demonstration for the boys at the school as well as to consider some compensation for them allowing us to use their facilities. All soldiers, regardless of rank, are invited to attend the school, though new recruits, may not be experienced enough, to benefit fully. Facilities will be cots or sleeping bags in the gymnasium. The gym and classrooms will be available for our use. There are limited bathroom facilities for ladies. As an alternative, there are motels near by that can be used. Food will be available at the school cafeteria, or catering is being considered. Bring period clothing, and rubber soled shoes for in the gymnasium. Bring muskets and accouterments, 25 rounds of powder, canteens, musket maintenance tools, officer pole arms, swords, and colors.

No alcohol is allowed in the school, so please respect this rule. Registration will be needed by the end of April. More information will appear in the April Courier. Steve asks that instructors provide some handout for everyone to take home, to assist with remembering the activities.

MOTION by Les Ambrus. To budget an additional $400.00 for the school. Motion passed.

Date/Location of Event Board Meeting: The summer board of directors meeting will be at Cantigny in Wheaton IL on Sunday morning.

Other business:

Special Honors: MOTION by Les Ambrus. To make Greg Novak a Gentleman Volunteer. Motion passed.

MOTION by Mike Morris. To make Paul Block a Gentleman Volunteer. Motion passed.

IG Department: MOTION by Bill Bergstrom. To reject the resignation of Gary Arden as IG. Motion passed. The IG committee will be: Joan Dobberpuhl, Clay Tollefson, Bill Bergstrom, Al McKechnie, Mark Rogers. MOTION by Bill Bergstrom. To accept the committee. Motion passed. Clay Tollefson volunteered to work with Bill Burke, and the 4th Cont'l Dragoons, to resolve, within 90 days, the problems with their unit impression.

Music Activities: Terry Wellman reported that May 11 the D.A.R. will be honoring the grave of Private William Bennett, which the musicians will be attending, as well as being invited to the B.A.R. school of music.

Auction: Ralph Briggs reported that a 18th century dome chest with hide covering was being sold for $445.00, anyone interested contact Ralph Briggs.

Original Badge Molds: The original merit badge mold made by Andy Dobbins will be purchased by the NWTA as an archive piece.

Clark's Legions: Dave Taylor, in his recent travel to Colonial Williamsburg, talked with Bob White about organizing volunteers into two battalions, to do large scale battles in Williamsburg and perhaps even York Town. A group of Clarks Legion, is already doing this, and we would be able to use their documentation. It would only mean the purchase of another coat. Since everyone could wear the small-clothes they already have. Dave has found someone who can construct the coat for $50.00, and who will sell the wool for only $7-8.00 per yard. For more information contact Dave Taylor.

MOTION by Al McKechnie to adjourn. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30p.m. ct.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Krakower, Scribe

Next meeting: 8a.m. cdt, Sunday July 28, 1996, in Wheaton IL, at the Cantigny event.