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YOU WILL NOTICE that several recent articles have referenced something called "revwar listserve". For those of you who have not discovered it yet, there is an on-line discussion group for Revolutionary War re-enactors. Quite a few NWTA members "lurk" on the list, as well as many members of the BAR, British Brigade, Continental Line, and several other organizations.

If anyone is interested in signing-on, post a message stating that you wish to subscribe Sean Kelleher, list owner, at:

BE WARNED! There are close to 200 members on the list. Once you sign-on you will receive 40-60 postings per day, so if your carrier charges you for each e-mail message received, you may want to think long and hard before signing on!

ON A RELATED TOPIC- Many of you are on-line. To encourage communication between our members we would like to compile and publish a directory of e-mail addresses. If you would like to be a part of this project, send us a post at:

DON'T READ THIS ­ go and start packing for the Chiwaukee Faire! This promises to be a fun and unusual event as the battle field now features a redoubt (see sketch by Jeff Saeger below)! The 40-foot artillery redoubt was constructed at the UW-Parkside event site in mid-April. The redoubt will defend a small, yet-to-be-constructed bridge crossing a creek at the site, and the combination offers many interesting possibilities for battle scenarios. The redoubt could use a little "finishing", and offers a great opportunity for impromptu camp activities. Bring out your shovels, picks, fascine knives and other tools and chip in!

BOOK REVIEW: Abhandlung uber den kleinen Kreig / Treatise on Partisan Warfare by Kapitan Johann Ewald of the Hesse-Cassel Feld-Jäger Corps. Translated by Robert A. Selig and David Curtis Skaggs. My good friend Bob Selig did a fantastic job of translating this very important study of 18th- century light infantry tactics. The author, Kapitan Johann Ewald, served in the Hessian Jäger Corp. during the conflict called the American Revolutionary War. Ewald's Jägers were huntsmen and game keepers from the forests of Germany. The Jäger were an all volunteer unit armed with the German Hunting Rifle, the Jägdbuchse. These sharp-shooters were deployed as reconnaissance and snipers by the British Army. Ewald served from 1776 through 1784 in North America and participated in every major eastern battle and skirmish of the War. In 1785, when he was back in Hesse-Cassel he wrote this book based upon his experiences in the War. His knowledge abounds on the tactics of the Rebel Riflemen, Light Infantry and the American Indian, and how to combat them at their own game.

The Treatise includes chapters on the Recruitment and Discipline of a Light Corps., How to act on a March and when it meets the Enemy, the Selection of an Outpost, Ambushes, Retreats, and Rules to be Observed in Reconnaissance. Ewald gives sound advise like "One always has to march in such an order and with as much precaution as if one could meet the enemy at any moment" and "Never reject even the least bit of information that has been received from a deserter or from well-disposed people, no matter how impossible it seems". Ewald takes his experiences in Europe and in North America and presents his knowledge, for us in this modern world. So, we can better understand the Military mind of the 18th Century. Treatise on Partisan Warfare is available through Greenwood Press (also see the ad at the top of page 9 ­ ed.)

Submitted by David Schmid.

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! David Jahntz reports that I-80/94 between State road 53 and I-65 is a MESS ­ one lane in each direction! If you live west of Gary IN and are heading to any events in Indiana, Michigan or Ohio, consider taking the Skyway or I-30 instead. The road construction should be completed by late July/early August (yeah, right)!