Hair it is!

Submitted by Lorne Knutson, 55th Foot

The following illustrations and notes should help answer that burning question ­ is my hair on straight?

NUMBER 1: For private soldiers, corporals, serjeants, and artillerymen. This is called "clubbing" the hair and is simply folding the hair back on itself and tying behind.

NUMBER 2: For musicians and pioneers. This is called "plaiting". The hair is braided into a pigtail and tucked up under the back of the cap. Grenadiers and Light Infantry also used this method.

NUMBER 3: For battalion and staff officers. This is called a "queue". It is similar to clubbing but longer and the hair is folded back only at the very end.

All falls and hairpieces should match the natural hair color and should be tied with black velvet ribbon. The ribbon can be tied with a simple box (square) knot.

NOTE: From an article by Rich Jenkins originally published in the June, 1988 edition of Regimental Lines, published by K. B. Berryman, 3428 Capri Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410