Another Historical Site in Trouble

Submitted by Rusty Ayers and Dave Sedgewick

Dear Fellow Re-enactor: We request your assistance in supporting our efforts to preserve the Legion Ville archaeological site in Harmony Township, Pennsylvania. For the past seven years we have been in an all-out battle to halt the destruction of this endangered archaeological site.

In 1792-93, Major General Anthony Wayne selected this 50 acre site for our nation's first army training ground. Under orders from President George Washington, General Wayne accepted the formidable task of creating a standing army from 2,700 raw recruits and Legion Ville became the birthplace of the United States Army.

As I write this, one developer is about to destroy the only above-ground part of Wayne's camp ­ a linear earthwork around 75' long. Another developer is now clear-cutting the land. I went to an area that had been bulldozed and found a colonial firepit with pieces of cow bone, fish bone, hand-wrought nails, porcelain, china and an arrowhead. This is one of the only intact Federal Era sites in the United States, and as an archaeological resource this site has enormous potential even more than I had once thought.

We are not requesting funds, rather, we need to have our voices heard through similar organizations as yours. We ask that letters in strong support of preserving Legion Ville be sent to Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge, Room 225, Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA, 17120, and John Oliver, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Rachel Carson State Office Building, 400 Market Street, PO Box 8767 15th Floor, Harrisburg, PA, 17105-8767.

The time is rapidly approaching when legislation will no longer protect these historical areas from development.

Please help!

Patrick R. Riley, President

Thank You!!!