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question markOur esteemed commander, Gary Ambrus, would like it to be known that his son, Leslie, really appreciates all the cards and letters he has received these past few months. If you would like to write him, his address is:

Elder Leslie Ambrus
c/o Salt Lake City Mission
7938S 3500E Suite H
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

ONCE AGAIN You will notice this issue features an abundance of articles by yours truly. I don't always have time each month to write and format articles, SO, I could use some submissions from the membership! Lots of folks have promised articles -- now is the time to send them in. You say you'd like to contribute something but you don't know what to write? See below.

HERE'S THE PLAN. In the last (May) issue I attempted to outline some of the political and military events of the Revolution that affected or took place in the Midwest. On page six I ran down a list of the various military activities that I am aware of occurring in or area. I am not an authority on these actions and there may be more I didn't know about or just forgot. That's where YOU come in.

As NWTA Publications Editor and Public Information Officer, I want to compile a series of short articles about each of the military events named in the May issue. I KNOW many of you have already compiled a good deal of data on some of these sites and events, and I need your help. I need one or two page articles on each of these and/or others. I will publish these articles in The Courier as I receive them, and save them for use in a bigger publication. In the end, I am going to put these articles into a book. This would be an official NWTA publication and as such it would not be a "for profit" venture. It would, however, be a great chance for you to see your name attached to a scholarly publication!

So -- I need your articles! I am currently writing one on the "battle" of Turkey Creek -- the western-most action of the Revolution. I would like articles on all of the other events listed last month. They don't need to be excessively footnoted -- though it would add scholarly value to the publication if they were. I do ask that you list your sources, however. If anyone needs more information, help or ideas for getting started, contact me at 608-356-1836, 608-356-7952 or by e-mail at:

I have it on good authority that the book Belonging to the Army: Camp Followers and Community During the American Revolution. is a fantastic read for those doing a civilian impression. This is available from Don Hagist for $39.00. Another good one offered by Hagist is Women Camp Followers of the American Revolution. It is one of the few books devoted exclusively to the subject of women who followed the armies of England and America and their allies. It is well researched and annotated; although not quite as modern and thorough as Belonging to the Army..., it is still an excellent reference. Hagist has it hardbound for only $22.00.

A lot of folks were unable to attend the Geneva event because they were at the National Company of Military Historians conference in Elgin. Some notable speakers were on hand for the weekend, including Marko Zlatich (author of the new Washington's Army books from Osprey). The event was very well organized and we all had a great time hanging out and sharing information with the likes of Marko, Brian Dunnigan, Don Londahl-Schmidt, Todd Braisted and Phil Weaver (editor of The Colonial Chronicle) -- most of whom are subscribers to The Courier as well!

The meeting was chaired by our own Dan Joyce, president of the Northwest chapter and MANY NWTA folks took part in organizing and executing the event -- WELL DONE EVERYBODY!

The Company of Military Historians is a very cool thing. For information on joining contact Dan Joyce or Linnea Bass.

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