Stiff Mainspring?

By John White of Avalon Forge

In contrast to the other article in this issue about too soft springs, John White offers the following for troubleshooting a too-stiff spring in your Charleville. -- ed

Most replica 1768 model Charleville muskets seem to have an overly stiff mainspring, which makes cocking the weapon a real effort. To make the spring a bit more flexible, it must carefully be ground down to thin out the long bottom leaf of the spring. At Right is a diagram of the final measurements which have been found to result in a good balance between a spring that is strong enough to give good sparks, but yet is relatively easy to cock. Dimensions are in Inches. It is best to fit the spring back a few times as grinding progresses to insure that the "feel" is right for the individual. After finish grinding, a final polish is recommended to make the spring look as good as new and enhance it's operation.