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THE COLONIAL CHRONICLE is a relatively new quarterly newsletter that is chock-full of insightful articles, documentation, advice, and ideas for the 18th and early 19th-century re-enactor. Editor Phil Weaver is a long-time re-enactor and member of the BAR, and brings over 20 years of living history insights and experience to his publication.

Topics vary from issue to issue and include articles on authenticity, historical interpretation, research tips, historical sites, quotes from contemporary sources, and interviews with the movers and shakers in our hobby.

The Colonial Chronicle is definitely worth a look and quite a bargain at $13 per year ­ that's less than the cost of a large pepperoni pizza (and it will stay with you longer)! For more subscription information see the ad on page three.

MY SINCERE THANKS to all of you who offered me support during the Vincennes event. Your efforts were very much appreciated and helped me a great deal ­ whether or not it was apparent to you at the time.

I know that Bill would have appreciated the tributes you offered, especially the one on Sunday morning. If you photographed or videotaped morning troop and the funeral Salute, please contact me so that we can arrange to supply copies of the photos or videos to his family.

Thank you once again,

Linnea Bass, Brigade of Guards, Grenadier Company

The battle demonstrations at the 1996 Vincennes event were very impressive! Both sides brigaded their troops on the field, so instead of the usual half-dozen pockets of resistance there were actual LINES! The combined Virginia forces made an especially strong showing, and no one could remember the last time all the various British forces stood shoulder to shoulder to span the entire field ­ firing in two ranks no less! It was an impressive sight from both the audience and the participants perspective and everyone from the battlefield commanders, and officers, on down to the ncos, musicians, private soldiers, runners and "battle Mollys" should feel very proud of their fine performance! WELL DONE Everyone!

A memorial was held for NWTA member Andy Dobbins on January 27, 1996 and was attended by a number of NWTA members. In addition, several members have helped Mrs. Lorene Dobbins (Andy's mother) tie-up loose ends and close-out his Chicago-area home. I received the following note from Mrs. Dobbins with a request to pass it to The Courier to share with the NWTA

­ Bill Potter, King's Regiment

"May God Bless you ­ everyone! To all of you who knew Andrew, who have shown so much warmth, such kindness during these months; and especially to those who helped make the memorial for him such a beautiful, spiritual experience, I promise you, the rest of my days, the memory of it ­ and you ­ will make my 'heart soar like an eagle' (one of Andy's expressions).

So sincerely, Lorene Dobbins

It is with great joy that Marilyn and Bill Hess wish to announce the engagement of their son, Tim to Kerry Gitzinger. An early March 1997 wedding is being planned. Tim has his brother Chris, to thank for meeting Kerry because Chris gave him dog training lessons for his birthday and Kerry had her dog there also. Otherwise he may never have met her!

I would like to thank each and every one for the wonderful gifts and messages bestowed upon me on the occasion of my retirement from active duty at Vincennes. This was all a complete surprise to me and it left me somewhat bewildered by it all.

I shall of course miss the comradeship, the activity and the whole atmosphere of camp life that is to be found nowhere else but the N.W.T.A. which for so long became an integral part of my life.

It is with the thought in mind that retirement does not mean a complete severance from the organization so a surprise visit to an occasional event is not out of the question.

Once again thanks to you all for a wonderful 21 years!

Your Servant,

Captain Stanley Rayner (retired), The Eighth (King's) Regiment of foot

Public Notice

PLEASE ACCEPT OUR MOST SINCERE APOLOGIES. Due to a myriad of extenuating circumstances the June Courier did not get out in time for the NWTA membership to meet the very tight June 1st registration deadline for the Vernon Hills event.

We did our best to get The Courier out earlier than normal to allow plenty of time for you to register, but unfortunately it didn't happen. No excuses. No explanations, it just didn't happen and the editor is totally and singly responsible.

We would especially like to apologize to the event sponsors, David Jahntz and the host unit ­ the Second Continental Light Dragoons. Also to Joan Dobberpuhl, who was wrongly implicated as a contributing factor.

We also apologize to the membership at large and hope it did not frustrate your plans to attend the Vernon Hills event.

If you didn't get to register ­ get over there anyway. Vernon Hills is a first-time event and the host unit and event sponsor have done much more than is normally expected to make this an outstanding event. Vernon Hills is just north of Chicago, by far our largest membership base, so stop over ­ even if it's just for the day.

Support Vernon Hills!

Call it a personal favor to the editor.