Tradesmen among the Hessian Prisoners at Lancaster, [Pennsylvania], 10th Jan. 1777

[Black]Smiths16 Carpenters15
Distillers1 Bakers6
Weavers, some linen and some wool82 Wagon makers15
Weavers of worsted shalloons &c3 Weavers of flowered linens2
Shoemakers38 Tailors49
Butchers9 Masons12
Joiners10 Plaisterers7
Tilemakers1 Pipe makers2
Riflemaker1 Silversmith1
Lime burners2 Millers6
Stocking weavers7 Musicians2
Combmaker1 Window makers2
Nailsmiths2 Gardener1
Tanners2 Coopers4
Barber1 Slaiter1
Thatcher1 Knifemaker1
Horseshoer1 Book binders2
Huntsman1 Britches maker1
Dyers2 Locksmiths4
Stone Cutter1 Total315

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, edited by John B. Linn and Wm. H. Egle M.D., Vol. I 1874, Page 435.