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THANKS TO Pat Van Melle and Marilyn Hess we will soon have a full set of back-issues of The Courier! When I took over as editor I received "the box" -- literally a box full of old issues and paperwork. After sorting these issues I discovered that our "official" collection of back-issues was severely lacking -- especially in the earliest editions. Pat and Marilyn have taken on the task of photocopying their personal collections of these old issues and have been sending them to me a batch at a time. At present the archives are about 95% complete.

There are some very interesting articles and bits of information in these old issues, and in the coming months we will be organizing these chronologically and place them in the NWTA Library for everyone's use and perusal. Eventually we hope to create a comprehensive index for all back-issues of The Courier -- anyone interested in taking on this project?

Three Huzzahs for Marilyn and Pat!

As commander of the 2nd Continental Regiment of Light Dragoons, 4th Troop, I wish to thank the members of the NWTA for helping to make our recent past event at Vernon Hills, Illinois a most resounding success.

I wish to thank the members of units who came forward to offer our Regiment a helping hand if the need arose-and indeed it did and the assistance was there-thank you.

I wish to thank those who came forward with problems because without knowing about them we could not at least try to correct them. And a special thank you to those who came forward with a problem but were also willing to share an idea or two to aid in solving those problems if not immediately, at least for next time. Your thoughts and suggestions were noted and some have already been set in motion.

No organization can hope to exist without the full cooperation of its membership and it is to be noted that the majority of the NWTA is an example of an organization that steps forward to assist its own.

The 2nd Regt of LD has only assisted in co-hosting one other event up to this point. Vernon Hills was our first attempt to take one on by ourself. As it turned out the magnitude of the event was more than anticipated -- especially for a first time event. Our sponsors, as those that were there can testify to, were top shelf. The effort they put forth is beyond words. The City of Vernon Hills, under the hands and eyes of The Vernon Hills 4th of July Committee, opened its doors and hearts without any stops to our organization,we are very thankful for that. We made mistakes, we apologize for that, but we hope they did not cause anyone discomfort enough to say " we won't go back to Vernon Hills". We promise to learn from those first time problems and who knows, maybe next time we may even make some new mistakes! But know one thing, we are going to try and bring the NWTA the best event we can. So please forgive us and our first time short comings and if you have some suggestions that might help please let us know.

And again thank you, to each and everyone of you who came out to help make Vernon Hills, where 1776 Met 1996, a most successful event.

yr mst obt svt
For the Regiment
Lt Clayton Tollefson

It takes several hours to prepare The Courier for mailing each month. Almost 600 issues must each be hand-folded, sealed, labeled, sorted by ZIP code, banded, bagged by zone, and carted to the Post Office where assorted paperwork must be filled out. In addition, our local Post Office's requirements for sorting the bulk mail have changed THREE TIMES since we started doing The Courier last January.

We've had some help from other staffers on occasion, but for the most part Karen Sorkness has prepared The Courier for mailing each month single-handedly. I would like to publicly thank Karen for her patience, diligence, and perseverance in preparing The Courier for mailing.

Readers may be interested to know how to get permission "from the Queen" to reprint documents from the British Public Record Office. This permission is required when reprinting a document in full; reprinting extracts is allowed as long as the document is properly cited, and typical copyright guidelines for "fair use" are followed.

For permission to reprint a document, write to:

Keeper of the Public Records
Public Record Office
Surry TW9 4DU

Your letter should state the PRO index numbers of the referenced document, and the intent and purpose for which you wish to reprint it. An example should be provided if possible.

Permission is likely to be granted only if you are using the PRO document as a core or part of a larger article or publication. For example, publishing a full transcript of a document is not likely to be admissible, unless you heavily annotate it, present it as part of a larger collection, or use it as an example to illustrate other material in your publication.

If the publication is for a non-profit purpose, be sure to state the name and particulars of the non-profit organization.

-- Don Hagist