A Closer Look at British Rations.

Submitted by Bernie Kazwick

"The Quantities of Provisions delivered by the Contractors according to the Agreement with the Lords of the Treasury in January, 1767.

A Weeks Allowance for one Man:

Flour 7 Pounds, or
Bread 7 do.
Pork 4 do. or
Beef 7 do.
Pease 3 Pints
Butter 6 Ounces or
Cheese 1 Pound
Rice or Oatmeal 8 Ounces or
Flour 1 Pound.
A Days Allowance for one Man:
Flour 1 Pound
Pork 9 1/7 Ounces
Pease 3/7 of a Pint
Butter 6/7 of an Ounce
Rice or Oatmeal 11/7 of an Ounce
Whenever the Situation of the Army prevents this distribution of provisions it will then be deliver'd in the following manner which is to be the compleat ration.
Flour or Bread 1/2 Pound
Beef 1 Pound or
Pork 10 Ounces
Should it happen that no provisions except Flour or Bread or Rice can be issued a compleat ration is: Flour or Bread 3 Pounds or Rice 1 1/2 pounds"


Regulation of the old & New Ration, from the Haldimand Papers, (photocopy of an original document in the collection of the British Museum)