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Dollinger Farm

October 9, 2015 - October 10, 2015

  • The Dollinger Family Farm’s event “Battle of Dollinger Farm 1776” is located along the Illinois River in Channahon and near Minooka, southwest of Joliet. The event is being hosted by the 1st Dragoons and provides a wonderful opportunity to have a new event south of Chicago by about an hour. It is located very close to the I-80 & I-55 interchange making it easy to get to via interstate travel.

    The Dollinger family is very excited to bring a Revolutionary War event to their farm. They were encouraged by the idea of the NTWA interacting with the crowds outside of our respective camps. The idea of holding up hay rides and things of the like were meet with enthusiasm. To add to the event, each event day will have a “Load and Fire” competition with prizes being awarded to the top two spots each day.

    *1st place will receive a $30 gift certificate and 1lbs of 3F powder
    * 2nd place will receive a $20 gift certificate.

    The family has no objection for staging late evening or early morning battles. The possibilities to have a good time are endless and only require you to attend.

    The event coincides with the Dollinger’s annual pumpkin farm which is known to draw in huge audiences. Due to amount of space available the more modern activities involved with the pumpkin farm will not encroach on our encampment. Activities within their pumpkin farm include a petting zoo, corn maze, steam-engine train rides, hay rides, face painting, a gift shop and modern food vendors. For more information about their pumpkin farm please visit (www.dollingerfarms.com).

    We hope to see many of you there this fall, if you have any question please contact Shelby Hauck with the 1st Dragoons @drainsurgenn@gmail.com.

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    8:00am     Morning Revelry
    9:00am     Officers call
    10:00am     Morning Colors
    11:00am     Tactical (more or less a “for us by us” practice for 2:00pm)
    11:30am     OPEN (envision this as time to interact with public, hay ride, so forth)
    12:00pm     OPEN ”  ”
    1:00pm     OPEN ”   ”
    1:30pm     Load and Fire Competition
    2:00pm     Battle
    2:45pm     Artillery Demo
    3:00pm     OPEN
    4:00pm     Civilian Fashion Show
    4:30pm     Parade of Uniforms
    5:00pm     Closing Colors

    *NOTE: This schedule is just a preliminary look at what we are thinking for the day’s events. It is subject to change prior to the event. When a final schedule is agreed upon it will be updated.