Be our Guest

Interested in reenacting, but not sure if it’s right for you? Be our guest! The NWTA welcomes non-members to guest with us at up to two events before deciding to join. You will be matched with a unit or group that fits your interests for the weekend.

Melanie Ruley

To get started working with our Recruiter, contact us via the Request to Guest form

Your hosts will provide 18th century clothing for you to borrow and a tent to stay in, as well as any necessary equipment (including reproduction weapons for those portraying soldiers). Every unit handles meals a little differently—you will communicate about this and other logistics with your host unit.

Then, get to the event site and get to know us!

If you find that this hobby isn’t for you, no problem. You are under no obligation to the host unit or the NWTA. If you want to continue reenacting, however, you are welcome to work with the Recruiter to Join the NWTA! You will eventually need to select a unit to join; however, you don’t need to do so right away.

You are also welcome to contact units individually and ask about guesting with them. Many of our guests and new members come to us as friends of current members—and that’s great! Units may vary in what they are able to offer guests in terms of loaner gear.

Each of the NWTA units is an organization unto itself. Though it’s often an interest in a particular kind of unit that draws new members (like an interest in artillery, or British regulars, or Native Americans), it is also important to check out the “personality” of each unit. Some are very family-oriented with whole families reenacting together and lots of kids in camp, while others may have a membership of younger or older participants that do not have children. Some units have an even mix of men and women, while others are predominantly men. The Recruiter can help you match your needs and interests with units that fit them; you can then communicate with those units’ commanders.