Join the NWTA

For Individuals

Please note: If you have never participated with our organization, please visit our Be Our Guest page, and guest with us prior to officially joining the NWTA.

You may attend events as a guest a total of two times before having to pay membership fees…a try-it-before-you-buy-it kind of situation. At that point, to continue reenacting with us, fill out our Individual Membership Application (see below).

While you are working to find the perfect unit for you to join, you will be placed in the Loyal Irish Volunteers (LIV), our new member unit. You can be a member of the LIV for up to two years before a unit has to be selected for membership. New members may also join a unit directly if they have worked this out with the unit commander.

Individual Membership Application

For Units

New units portraying a military unit participating in the American Revolution or non-military organization present in the region of the conflict during the time period may also petition the NWTA for membership. Contact the Adjutant at for more information.

Unit Application Form