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The North West Territory Alliance Last Post is a list of deceased members. To honor our past members, the entire list is read once a year following Sunday formation at our Memorial Day weekend event in Vincennes, IN in front of the George Rogers Clark Memorial. It is also read in its entirety at our Grand Encampment event every five years. The names of recent deceased are read at the next three events following notification. Many members participate in complete readings by candle light at Saturday evening ceremonies at each event. All readings are followed by the playing and singing of Parting Glass.

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Joseph Hero, Feldjager Korps
John Tracy, 2nd Virginia
Kenneth Seymour, lst Pennsylvania
Clayton Klessig, Commander In Chief’s Guard
John Brozell, Proctor’s Artillery
Lawrence Snodgrass, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Pat Tierney, Baldwin’s Regiment
Harvey Booth, 1st Pennsylvania
Daniel Attaway, 2nd Virginia
Cristina Mejias, Child of the Regiment, 2nd Virginia
William Buenger, Queen’s Rangers
John Hewitt, 2nd Virginia
Ludwig Skogg III, 2nd Virginia
Brian Paller, Baldwin’s Regiment
James Penna, St. Joseph Militia
Claudia Hamilton, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Douglas Royce, 8th Regiment of Foot
Lowell Sheffield, Campeau’s Company
James Beecher, 3rd New York
Bill Ralston, McCarthy’s Company, Illinois Reg’t.
Sanford (Sandy) Todd, 84th Regiment of Foot
Charlie Fry, Sr., Campeau’s Company
Helen Papp, 8th Regiment of Foot
Farmer John Eggers, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Donald Apperson, Worthington’s Company, Illinois Reg’t.
Don Aller, Lauzun’s Legion
Tom Smedbron, 7th Virginia
Derek Catt, 8th Regiment of Foot
Judy Forbes, St. Francis’ Militia
Richard Tangen, 4th Continental Dragoons

Since 1994 Grand Encampment

Harold Vartanian, 2nd Pennsylvania
Dan Augustine, Crocket’s Western Battalion
Andy Dobbins, 8th Regiment of Foot
Elaine Kohler, Hamilton’s Artillery
William Burke, NWTA Founder Brigade of Guards
Robert Nuss, Musketier Regiment Prinz Karl
Wayne Ransbottom, Virginia State Navy
James Gott, Brigade of Guards
Earl Ace, 4th Regiment of Foot
Ronald Griem, Campeau’s Company
Lisa Womak, 71st Regiment of Foot
Stanley Rayner, NWTA Founder, 8th Regiment of Foot
August Schultheis, Gentlemen Volunteer
David Martin, 2nd Pennsylvania
Sue Baker, Lauzun’s Legion
Craig Briggs, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Jack Gonwa, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Gary Reber, Proctor’s Artillery
Dan Bastine, 42nd Regiment of Foot

Since 1999 25th Grand Encampment

Mary Schaldenbrand, Campeau’s Company
Patti Perkins, 2nd Virginia
Margaret Dibbern, lst Jaeger Ko’y von Hesse Kassel
James Tortorici, 4th Continental Dragoons
Rose Scheck, 2nd Maryland
Larry Coleman, 8th Regiment of Foot
Don Brandt, Royal Deux Pont
Warren Pierce, Commander In Chief’s Guard
Billy McKechnie, 17th Regiment Lt. Dragoons
David Hamilton, NWTA Founder 42nd Regiment of Foot
Russ Davis, 3rd New York
Philip Zollmann, Child of the Regiment, Butler’s Rangers
Merlin Jones, Col. Webb’s Band of Music
Linda Schuenemann, Philadelphia Ladies Assoc.
Janet Sloman, 8th Regiment of Foot
Harold Dobberpuhl, 2nd Continental Light Dragoons
Tony LaRue, Virginia State Navy
Gary Nelson, Proctor’s Artillery
Lindy Holappa, Baldwin’s Regiment
Lew Forbes, St. Francis’ Xavier Militia
Mickey Marnstein, Hendricks’ Co’y, Penn. Rifle Bat’n.
Karen Schneck, Baldwin’s Regiment
Michael Morris, Proctor’s Artillery
Don Davis, NWTA Founder, Dutchess County Militia
Tim Crowley, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Kim Stoller, St. Joseph Militia
Bill Metz, Baldwin’s Regiment
Jerry Burchell, Charleville Co’y * (7/2004)

Since 2004 30th Grand Encampment

Mary Dobbins, 8th Regiment of Foot
Rick Thomas, McCarty’s Co’y, Illinois Reg’t,
Fred Dickfoss, 3rd New York
David Weir, Kellar’s Co’y, Illinois Regiment
Arthur Ambrus, Sr., 2nd Pennsylvania
Diane Cassidy, Bowman’s Co’y, Illinois Reg’t. (5/30/ 2007)
Pat Van Melle, Sandridge Settlers. (6/17/2007)
Donald Rapp, 2nd North Carolina
Kathleen Tollefson,2nd Continental Light Dragoons, *
Terry Rickerson, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Jack Pain, Commander in Chief’s Guard
Jim Tulloch, Lauzun’s Legion
Steve Hassinger, 1st American Regiment, Simcoe’s Queen’s Rangers
Tana Shoger Vance, Baldwin’s Regiment
Chuck Mahoney, 8th Regiment of Foot
Steve Ratterman, Holders Co’y 71st
Vi Anderson, Lady Volunteer
Sharon Coovert, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Pat Anker, Sandridge Settlers
Joyce Ford, 42nd Regiment of Foot

Since 2009 35th Grand Encampment

Libby Lazdins, Civilian-at-Large
Paul Stevens, 8th Regiment of Foot
Bill Bergstrom, 17th Light Dragoons
Judith Esarove, Lauzun’s Legion (2/10)
Robert Abels, 17th Light Dragoons, (3/11/10)
William Potter, 8th Regiment of Foot, (4/24/10)
Mary Simich, Lauzun’s Legion, (5/14/10)
Cyndy Vandrush, 4th of Foot, (5/18/10)
Edward Lucid, 42nd Regiment of Foot Grenadier Company (Aug 12, 2010)
Lynn Edwards, His Majesty’s Marines 9/27/10
Arthur L. Schaldenbrand II, Campeau’s Co’y, Ste. Anne’s Militia (1/4/11)*
Armin Weng, Braunschweig Reg’t von Riedesel, (4/30/11)
Rex Patterson, Gentleman Volunteer, (5/24/11)
Lawrence “Buzz” Gunty, Baldwin’s Regiment (8/7/11)
Lane Long, Worthington’s Company, Illinois Reg’t, (8/14/11)
Wayne Pribble, Hamilton’s Artillery, (9/11/11)*
Clinton McDonald, Culpeper Minute Battalion (10/24/11)
Lyle Waterstradt, 42nd Regiment of Foot, (12/1/11)
Arthur Ambrus Jr., 2nd Pennslyvania Reg’t (12/7/11)
Kathy Redfern,Charleville’s Company(12/14/11
Ken Brigman, Bowman’s Company, Illinois Regiment (12/15/11)
Greg Novak, Alliance Founder(3/7/12)
Theron Otterbacher Civlian (3/23/12)
Bradley E. Preston, Culpeper Minute Battalion, 4th Reg’t of the Mass. Line (4/25/12)
Eugene Hunt, 71st Regiment of Foot (6/19/12)
Gregory Wait, 57, Bowman’s Co, (9/10/12)
Steven Towne 42nd Regiment of Foot (1/5/13)
Sue Anderson Chowning. 42nd Regiment of Foot (n.d.)
Catherine Wagner, 42nd Regiment of Foot, (5/3/13)
Ralph Heath, Native Allies (10/4/13)
Johanna Rall, Kellar’s Co’y, Illinois Reg’t, Virginia State Line, (5/21/14)
Julie Briggs, 42nd Regiment of Foot*
John Abig, Brigade of Guards (9/5/14)

Since 2014 40th Grand Encampment

Bob Mason, Col. Webb’s Band of Music*
Tom Mooney, Ft. St. Joseph Militia*
Gary Enger, 17th Light Dragoons (12/23/14)
Judith M. Wicker, Commander in Chief’s Guard, Lady Volunteer (1/20/15)
Connie VandePolder, 2nd Pennsylvania Reg’t (3/1/15)
David Webb, 42nd Regiment of Foot
Patsy Jena, Culpeper Minute Battalion (4/29/15)
Ryan Burris, New York Volunteers (5/21/15)
Kenneth Wayne Lewellen II, Bowman’s Co’y, Illinois Regiment (7/4/15)
Sarah Leaders,  8th Regiment of Foot   (11/14/15)
*added by Board vote