Speakers available

If you are part of an educational system, a historical organization, a news media or possibly a movie production company looking for an expert on the 18th Century, we have them. Members of the NWTA have spent their lives researching, the times, the clothing the firearms, and the armies that fought during our struggle for independence. Many are available for school presentation, ceremonies, media questions, or movie consultations.

There are many other NWTA members available and willing to travel within Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Traveling some distance may be considered. Services are voluntary or fees are negotiable. Various members are comfortable speaking for children, students in grade K-12 through college, or adults. Topics for presentation and discussion include:

  • 18th Century life, both military and civilian, from male, female, and youth perspectives.
  • 18th Century weaponry and military equipment and tactics: swords, muskets, rifles, artillery.
  • Explanation and making of reproduction 18 th century workshop technology: wood screws, machine worked bolts, nuts, rivets, lathes, thread cutting machines, rifling machines.
  • Clothing of the period: children, male, female, civilian, soldier.
  • Home making skills: cooking, production of cloth; sewing of clothing; or manufacture of accessories; lace making: from production of thread through finished lace.
  • Games and Toys for all ages.
  • Issues and politics from the perspective of a Congressional Delegate.
  • Doctor: medical treatments and equipment.
  • Doctoress and Midwife: herbal and medical treatments and equipment.
  • Dr. Benjamin Franklin: before leaving as delegate to France.
  • Surveyor.
  • French Jesuit Missionary: Catholic religious articles.
  • 18th Century French in America.
  • Social ethics and political thought in the 18th century.

For further information regarding these presenters, contact