The role of the Clothier/Patternmaster in the NWTA is to “obtain, maintain and issue acceptable patterns for clothing and accouterments to members and other interested persons.” (NWTA By-laws, Reg. #00-03: 2-G).

There are three parts to this section, the list of Approved Commercial Patterns, the NWTA Patterns, and a collection of Links to online artifacts.

List of Approved Commercial Patterns – In 1974 when the NWTA was founded there was very little available in commercial patterns now we have many patterns to choose from so many that the variety available can be confusing with some companies not up-dating their patterns as the new research demands. Here we try to unravel the good from the questionable and let the list be a guide to help us toward more authenticity in our presentations.Links to research articles are also included.

“Tin Box” Non-commercial Patterns and Instructions on file with the Patternmaster for free download as pdf files. Here is found a treasure of information contributed by many talented and dedicated NWTA members.

Online Image Sources, for artifacts which are available in various museum collections or auction houses.

Please contact the current NWTA Patternmaster, Naomi Holthaus at with any questions, comments or constructive criticism.