Boy Scout Event

I volunteer with the BSA in Southwest Michigan, and they asked me tonight if I could get some Revolutionary War Reenactors together for their 75th Anniversary Camporee the weekend of April 25-26. The event is supposed to have around 200 scouts and around 300-400 public a day. The event will be open to public as well as scouts. The event will be held at the Vicksburg Historical Village in Vicksburg Michigan. Food will be provided for participants (Dinner Friday night, three meals Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday). Hours will be 9-5 with a potential for a special activity Saturday evening for the scouts that are camping. All reenactors are encouraged to camp Friday and Saturday nights. Above ground fire pits will be provided since it is a request of the village that we not dig fire pits. There are no tacticals scheduled but if enough reenactors come, one can be arranged on Saturday. Musket demonstrations are permitted in camp, and open camps are a requirement. Please RSVP by April 10th if interested since food and space need to be planned for. There is no cost to participate (the BSA is donating the food), so please only register if you are planning to attend.

To Register or if you have any questions.