Event Sponsor Information


What is a Sponsor?

A reenactment organization without a place to reenact is like a football team with out a stadium. The “Event Sponsor” is an individual or an organization that provides the venue for the NWTA to bring the days the American Revolution to life.

What is an Event?

Events are generally a two day (Saturday and Sunday) encampment during which members of the NWTA present typical Revolutionary War camp life, clothing, and battle scenarios.

How can I bring the NWTA to my Community?

Sponsors need not be members of the NWTA, but they are required to team up with one of our member units to coordinate the event. The member unit (or Host Unit) will work with the sponsor and guide then though the planning process. If you are interested in being a sponsor or would just like more information on events, please contact the NWTA Adjutant.

Download Sponsor Host Guide Sample Documents – This document contains sample registration forms, press releases and camp layout information to be used as a guide for event hosts and sponsors.