Tin Box Patterns

The Patternmaster position has been responsible for a bunch of tubes of original patterns and a tin box full of instructions, documentation and miscellaneous information. Some of the articles in the files are unsigned, some are very old or tenth generation photocopies and hard to read. This page is a effort to make these materials more available. Thanks to Sandra Stump Wilson, Gary Liming, and Brian VandePolder for their invaluable help in reformatting these documents.

Full size patterns are not available. This section includes information, instructions, definitions and documentation. Most of the documents are illustrated, so those that are linked from here are in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

If you need a paper copy, suggested costs include copying, packaging and postage for each document, so if you combine a number of pieces into one order, give yourself a discount. We aren’t trying to make any money here, just cover costs. For information about these patterns contact the Patternmaster.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Simply because something is listed here does not mean it is appropriate for your persona. Do your own research and check with your unit commander before investing a lot of time and money into something you may not be able to use.